The Top Three Elements of a Great Apartment Marketing Campaign


The days of attracting new renters to your apartment community with balloon displays and apartment Craigslist ads are long gone. Even if you have a visually appealing property website and a social media presence, it’s not enough to stay competitive and keep your occupancy rate high.

The first step when it comes to apartment marketing is to think through what makes your apartment community different from the competition. Does it value sustainability and green living? Does it offer luxury at a great value? Does it give residents the convenience of a walkable location and excellent amenities? Take these key areas and use them to build your apartment community messaging.

As marketing trends continue to evolve, the core elements in the multifamily marketing space have remained consistent. Here are three tried-and-true apartment marketing ideas that can help your community become and remain successful.

Tip #1 PPC

Also called pay-per-click or paid advertising, PPC has become a very effective way to get eyeballs on your website using platforms such as Google Ads or Bing Ads. Rather than targeting a broad audience, the trick to a successful PPC campaign is to focus your efforts on the people who are interested in renting your type of apartment in your city right now. Using a strategic set of keywords, your ads — which appear above, below and sometimes beside organic search results —  ideally would only be displayed to those who are most likely to be interested in your community.

Tip #2 SEO

An apartment website that uses search engine optimization, or SEO, in addition to PPC creates a more consistent apartment marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site. SEO influences how your website ranks in search engines. By making changes to your website, like adding certain keywords, you can improve your chances of showing up higher in the search results. For example, someone searching for an apartment in Philadelphia might type “apartments in Philadelphia” into Google. If you use that specific search term on your website, you have a better chance of that user finding your site.

Tip #3 Social

Prospects and residents care about an apartment community’s social media presence, and it can be a factor in signing or renewing a lease. Not only that, the number of likes and followers you have may lend an SEO advantage that boosts your site’s visibility on Google and other search engines. One of the best ways to recruit more followers is to produce and share high-quality content that’s relevant to those living in your community. If those followers interact with your posts and share them, all the better.

All three of these apartment marketing ideas work together to create an overall apartment marketing strategy that will help boost your community, but they’re just the beginning. Respage can work with you to build a comprehensive, cohesive apartment marketing campaign that achieves substantial results.


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