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Multifamily's most comprehensive AI leasing platform with automated lead response & nurturing

ResMate enables leasing automation and nurtures prospective renters from lead to application request

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Put yourself in the shoes of today’s leasing agent

Your email inbox is overflowing. You’ve got a million calls to return. Plus, you’re behind on follow-ups because your office should have five people, and it’s got three.

With the day consumed by answering simple questions and going back and forth with prospects, you have almost no time to do your main job: give great tours and provide positive resident experiences. Getting residents to renew their lease requires time, care, and focus—none of which you can spare.

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Introducing ResMate AI leasing assistant

What if you had multifamily’s best leasing assistant to help you out? Someone who could answer every lead from any communication channel. Who will never miss a follow-up. Who can even schedule tours for you… even while you’re asleep?

That’s ResMate!

Big things happen when you automate your leasing...​

Lead-to-tour rate


Weekday hours saved

Multifamily’s most effective AI leasing assistant...

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Instantly answers every lead from every source

ResMate responds to every email, web chat, text, phone, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Profile chat, and ILS lead immediately. It answers questions, schedules tours, and follows up afterwards via email or text. This gives prospects instant answers and accelerates the leasing process by up to 50%.

Responds after hours, on weekends, and on holidays

The typical ResMate user sees up to 63% of leads come in when leasing offices are empty. ResMate keeps answering prospect questions and booking tours at all hours of the day, even on Christmas or while your agents are at the beach. More than half of prospects don’t hear back from leasing offices—ResMate ensures every renter gets the help they need.

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Follows up with customized messages designed to convert

It takes leasing agents 24 engagements on average to turn a lead into an application request. ResMate follows up multiple times with every prospect at each stage in the leasing process, turning leads into applicants in just eight communications on average. Because it answers individual prospect questions, its responses change for each person.

Talks like a human being, not a robot

ResMate draws on millions of prior leasing conversations (and advanced natural language processing tech) to answer prospects naturally in conversational English, with industry-leading accuracy. It tells jokes too!

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Saves your best leads with Cross-selling and Waitlist

No two-bedrooms available? No problem. ResMate will automatically suggest your sister community that has one available or put prospects on a waitlist for later. That gives you a list of highly interested potential renters and ResMate will automatically reach out the moment a vacancy pops up.

We play well with others

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Metropolitan Management

Answer all incoming leads, improve occupancy

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Absolutely! You can customize the name, colors, pictures, the wording of every follow up email, responses to individual questions, and even what questions it can answer. Ask about customizations available for affordable or enterprise-level customers.

Each engagement is tracked and logged in the Respage platform. You can dig deep and review individual conversations ResMate has had with each prospect. ResMate reports let you see how many conversations it has had and how many leads, tours, applications, and leases it has helped facilitate. You also get the usual: charts, trend data, and downloadable reports. You can also get direct access to our data warehouse, just ask!

Currently, ResMate can communicate in both English and Spanish. Leads that come in via chatbot or email in a specific language will be answered in that language.

Want to make your leasing team happy?

An AI leasing assistant removes the most tedious, time consuming part of a leasing agent’s job and boosts metrics across the board. Perfectly consistent lead response and nurturing mean more tours, applications, and leases. Let us show how it works—simply reach out and we’ll walk you through a demo or answer any questions.

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