Answer prospect questions 24/7 (and schedule tours with 50.4% of them)

Convert more leads with industry-leading speed and response accuracy

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Most chatbots work like this...

A prospect visits your website. The chat pops up. It asks the visitor what they’re looking for and gives them several options they can click. If they click amenities—they get a list of amenities. It’s a pre-programmed set of options that, for the most part, does the job.

Here’s the problem. Not only are they incapable of addressing complex questions—they’re simply frustrating to interact with. Even basic questions require the prospect to answer 3-4 questions before they find the information they’re after.

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Graphic displaying a text conversation between a potential renter and ResMate

Our chatbot works differently

Your prospect types a question. They get an answer. Simple, right? Our chatbot can understand what people are really asking because it’s analyzed millions of prior leasing conversations using a technology called natural language processing. The fact is that most people prefer to type their question (the majority of our chatbot users do!)—and if you don’t have a chat option that offers that, you won’t have answers for them.

A few stats about Chatbots:​

Conversations starting with typed questions

Prospects who come in after hours

Chatbot users who schedule a tour

Get your AI-powered chatbot to...​

Illustration showing how past conversations help the Respage Chatbot answer user questions

Answer typed questions with near-perfect accuracy

A chatbot that uses natural language processing to answer questions your visitors type in produces higher prospect engagement. Our chatbot has processed millions of leasing conversations and uses all that knowledge to generate accurate, human-like responses.

Help prospects that come on the weekend or after hours

Most prospects visit your website when your team isn’t in the office (no matter how you finagle the schedules). Answering their questions instantly helps you convert more leads—and schedule more tours. Make the most of your advertising with a top-notch first impression... anytime.

Illustration showing a night shift sign and tour schedule button to demonstrate after hours functionality with Respage Chatbot
Illustration showing Customization options for the Respage Chatbot

Customize your chatbot experience

Change the name. Swap out the colors. You can even modify your chatbot’s individual responses to match your brand’s tone of voice. If done right, most won't be able to tell they’re chatting with a robot. (We’ll help you get it all up and running).

We play well with others


Our chatbot integrates with most of the widely used PMS solutions. Ask us about yours to get a detailed answer.

Absolutely. You can interact with a live version of our chatbot right here

Absolutely! Our team will work with you to create the perfect chatbot for your properties. Let’s talk.

Yes! We’ve built a version just for you. Schedule a demo and we’ll show you the modifications we’ve made for the affordable market.

Your ticket to a better first impression​

Pretty much every leasing office can benefit from a chatbot these days. Nobody wants to miss out on the leads that would otherwise slip through the cracks. But not all chatbots are created equal. You need the one that loads the fastest, answers more than a few questions at a time, and can converse with Spanish speaking prospects. Request a demo today!

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