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Automate 95% of daily workflows with the power of AI

Experience the future of multifamily marketing and leasing with the Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM. Simplify and automate the leasing process with our all-in-one platform built to save time and maximize occupancy. Make decisions with confidence and predict whether or not a resident will renew their apartment lease with 78% accuracy!

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Say goodbye to traditional CRMs

Traditional multifamily CRMs weren’t built to work in today’s leasing environment, where rising costs, employee turnover, and new business practices are top of mind. These outdated systems are expensive, difficult to use, and unable to accommodate multiple properties or AI leasing assistants, forcing staff to navigate a maze of underutilized features.

Not to mention, many CRMs don’t have the capacity to analyze and produce AI-driven data insights, leaving teams without the actionable data needed to make informed decisions. 

Say goodbye to the traditional multifamily CRM and embrace a new era of leasing with the Respage Smart Leasing Platform.

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Automation you can trust

Accurate when predicting resident renewals

Of leasing workflows can be automated

Prospect inquiries that are handled by AI
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Experience a new era of AI-driven apartment leasing

Our Smart Leasing Platform has everything you need in one tool:

It’s simple, intuitive, and automated.

Experience a new era of AI-driven property management with the Respage Smart Leasing Platform and break free from traditional multifamily CRMs.

Multifamily’s most effective Smart Leasing CRM

Image showing AI-driven insights from the Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM for current and potential renters at an apartment community

AI-driven insights you can rely on

It’s no secret that AI has rewritten all of the rules when it comes to property management. The Smart Leasing Platform utilizes industry-leading AI technology to produce data-driven insights, so your team can make decisions and identify opportunities with confidence.

Predict resident renewals. No crystal ball required

Imagine being able to predict whether someone is going to renew their lease with 78% accuracy (that’s way more reliable than a fortune teller or tarot card reader). With the Respage Resident Happiness Score, you can predict lease renewal outcomes, uncover problems, improve resident relationships, and increase retention.

Image showing information about a resident and their Smart Leasing Platform CRM resident happiness score
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All of your leasing and marketing workflows in one place

AI leasing, social media management, reputation, oh my! The Smart Leasing Platform is built to work seamlessly with our existing multifamily marketing and AI leasing solutions, so you can manage social media, reputation, AI leasing efforts, and renter relationships effortlessly in one centralized platform.

Let AI handle the boring stuff. You handle the rest

Empower your leasing team with the best of both worlds: AI-driven automation for efficiency and a human handoff option for more complex scenarios. Our Smart Leasing Platform automates mundane tasks and busy work while retaining the option for human assistance when required, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience for renters.

Image showing a Smart Leasing Platform CRM prospect in human handoff mode
Image showing all of the data, analytics, and information that can be found in a single tab in Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM

Fewer tabs, more results

Forget about long onboarding processes and steep learning curves. The Smart Leasing Platform is an all-in-one solution built to work with your property management software to automate up to 95% of your workflows. It will be the most accessible CRM you've ever used!

We play well with others


Onboarding is much easier than a traditional CRM, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you! Once we get you all set up with ResMate, it doesn’t take much more to enable the Smart Leasing Platform CRM functionality.
The Smart Leasing Platform integrates with most major property management software including AMSI, Entrata, MRI, RealPage, Rent Manager, ResMan, and Yardi.

Yes! The Smart Leasing Platform and ResMate, our AI leasing assistant, are a dynamic duo. ResMate automates lead response and nurturing on several channels including web chat, text, email, ILS, Google Business Profile, and Facebook Messenger, plus voice capabilities for all other inquiries.

All ResMate users will have free access to the Smart Leasing Platform (this includes Gold and Diamond package customers). Click here to learn more about our pricing packages and use our calculator to see how much you’ll save!

Our first beta customers for the Smart Leasing Platform were Affordable communities. They didn’t feel like there was a good multifamily CRM solution on the market for them, so we decided to build one that would better suit their needs! They love it because it saves them money, with 95% of their workflows automated, and they’re able to modify nurturing campaigns to better fit their unique use cases (e.g. turn off tour request functions or implement CTAs for things like interest lists).

The simplest CRM you’ll ever use

CRM’s are supposed to make your life easier—not complicate it. The Smart Leasing Platform is designed to be the simplest CRM you’ll ever use, equipped with everything you need to automate prospect management and make informed decisions for your community. If you’re thinking, “Is this for real?” let us show you! Schedule a demo to see the Smart Leasing Platform CRM in action.

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