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Most properties aren’t getting all the five-star reviews they deserve

The reason is simple: happy people generally can’t be bothered to leave a good review. If you’re satisfied with your community, you might want to tell someone how great your apartment is… but it’s never a priority. Maybe after dinner, but wait, that show you love just came on.

Meanwhile, if you’re peeved… that rant is going up on Google in the next 30 minutes. That’s just human nature. So to get happy residents to share the love, you need to nudge ’em.

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That means actively asking people to leave reviews

Most happy residents say they’d be willing to leave a positive apartment review if asked. Now, you can’t always trust what people say they’ll do. But imagine if every resident were asked to post some feedback on Google. Automatically. You’d essentially get a steady stream of reviews without any work on your end. That’s what Review Booster does for you.

A few stats about apartment reviews:​

Review Booster reviews that are 4 or more stars

Would post a review if asked

Say they’ve never been asked to review

Automate your review solicitation to...

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Get more reviews and a higher star rating​

Ask residents to share what they like about living in your community on Google. Constantly generate a steady stream of positive reviews from your renters—without any work on your part. See that feedback in your dashboard for complete clarity.

Change the frequency of requests to match your communication strategy

Review Booster makes it easy to adjust how frequently you ask residents to review. Three cadences (passive, moderate, aggressive) are available. Plus, it integrates with most major property management software. This is a “set and forget” solution.

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Get best-in-class results with our reputation management suite

Asking people for reviews is the cornerstone of building a stellar online reputation. Other key drivers? Minimizing negative reviews and responding to reviews when they happen. Combine Review Booster, Surveys, and Reputation Management to maximize your online reputation scores.


That rarely happens. As it turns out, most people who want to leave a negative review will do so on their own—they don’t need you to ask them to. In fact, across all of our customer implementations, 96% of the reviews that Review Booster is responsible for generating are four stars or higher!

Absolutely. The review request emails can be modified to match your brand voice. Everything from the subject line to the body copy can be customized.

On-demand property-level, regional-level, and portfolio-wide reports that break down review requests and tell you how many of your residents took action are available. You’ll also see the star ratings specific residents gave you. On average, clients who implement Review Booster experience significantly higher ratings post-implementation.

Get proactive about boosting your star rating

Your team spends a tremendous amount of time, effort, and love making communities a great place to call home. Many of your residents appreciate it, so why not ask them to tell the world? Simply asking for a review drastically increases the frequency (and usually star rating) of feedback. If you’re ready to get serious about your reputation, reach out and we’ll show you how it all works!

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