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Answer (and screen) affordable prospects with multifamily’s smartest AI leasing assistant

Automate your affordable housing leasing process from lead to application request with ResMate

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“Within just a few months of doing business we have an AI that provides prospect and resident customer service, affordable online leasing, affordable lead nurturing, and resident support. We love the program so much that we are using it in our market-rate communities as well.”
Brandon Hegland
The Michaels Organization

Affordable living communities receive overwhelming quantities of leads

Affordable communities are inundated with endless phone calls and email inquiries, including many from prospects who don’t qualify. As a result, most affordable onsite teams can’t get back to all of their leads, and some don’t even answer the phone at all! Most days are consumed with going back and forth with prospects, leaving leasing staff little time to do their main job: helping people access affordable housing.

But what if there were a way to instantly reply and follow up with every single lead, help unqualified prospects screen themselves out, and save the sanity of your leasing teams?

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ResMate AI leasing assistant lightens the load

Multifamily’s best automated leasing assistant can now answer phone calls, respond to emails, and chat or text with affordable housing community prospects. It can answer (and follow-up with) every single lead coming into your communities, 24/7—so that your leasing team can focus on leasing, qualifications, and making residents happy. ResMate is the only AI leasing agent that uses natural language processing that has been adapted to work with affordable leasing workflows.

Big things happen when you automate your leasing...​

Lead-to-tour rate


Weekday hours saved

An affordable AI leasing assistant that...

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Instantly answers every lead from every source

ResMate responds to every email, chat, text, phone, Google Business Profile, Facebook Messenger, and ILS lead immediately. It answers questions, explains next steps, and follows up afterwards via email or text. Its responses are instant, impartial, and in full compliance with Fair Housing guidelines.

Responds after hours, on weekends, and on holidays

ResMate is always available to help prospects. It can automatically answer common questions, show income requirements, list availability, ask prospects to join a waitlist, or encourage them to apply. It drastically reduces the numbers of calls or messages that need a response from your team.

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Follows up multiple times with each prospective renter

ResMate follows up multiple times with every prospect at each stage in the leasing process, which means less work for your team members. Follow up emails or texts can be customized to meet your leasing workflow and the specific needs of lease ups or stabilized communities.

Puts eligibility requirements front and center

How many times have high income prospects reached out thinking they found an amazing deal? Too often. ResMate lets you effectively (and prominently) communicate income restrictions and eliminate unqualified leads.

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Cross-selling and waitlist help more people find a home

Most stabilized affordable communities are usually fully occupied. Our affordable AI leasing assistant can automatically suggest sister communities with availability, or ask prospects to join a waitlist (or apply) if there are no available units.

We play well with others


Absolutely! You can customize the name, colors, media and wording used in follow up emails, responses to questions, and even configure it to answer specific, custom questions. You can turn touring on or off, change the call to action, and more.

Schedule a meeting to learn about our extensive roadmap! We have several affordable-specific advancements in the works that are complete game-changers. While we’re not ready to reveal them all just yet, let’s just say that pre-qualification and waitlist management will soon be far easier than they are today.

Currently, ResMate can communicate in both English and Spanish. Leads that come in via chatbot or email in a specific language will be answered in that language.

“ResMate has taken at least 60% of my calls off my plate!”

That’s what one affordable property manager told us after ResMate automated the most tedious, time consuming tasks in her leasing office. Instant lead response, prospect education, and consistent follow up result in streamlining the process for qualified prospects to find an affordable home. ResMate ensures all renters get the help they need. Let us show you how it works—simply reach out to schedule a demo of our affordable AI leasing assistant.

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