Do You Know Your ROI from Google Ads?


Being able to attribute ROI to channels where you spend your apartment marketing dollars is crucial in determining how to allocate your apartment marketing budget. A marketing channel that drives leads and leases but can’t be tracked is valuable, but not scalable. In order to maximize your leases and minimize your vacancies, you must know what apartment marketing tactics are your most effective.

One of the most efficient and immediate ways to drive apartment leads and leases for multifamily communities is through apartment Google Ads. These campaigns often lead to overwhelming success, but tracking this success can be a challenge. Knowing exactly what areas, keywords, and ad groups are driving your most valuable traffic allows you to focus your efforts to these areas.

There are a number of ways to measure the success of your apartment Google Ads campaigns. The first, and most basic, is impressions. Impressions simply measure the number of times your apartment ads were seen. It is a good measure of how your campaign is performing from a branding perspective and how competitive the traffic you are targeting is to show ads to.

Beyond impressions, clicks and cost-per-click are a great way to measure the effectiveness of your apartment Google Ads campaign. Your cost-per-click is essentially the amount you paid to get a person to your apartment website from the campaign, so it is important to keep a close eye on this and ensure you are not paying too much for interactions upfront. It will often require followup touch points to get leads and leases, so paying too much for the first interaction can be detrimental.

The above numbers are foolproof ways to track your apartment Google Ads campaign, however they do not give you the most complete measure of effectiveness. Conversions allow you to track people taking further action on your apartment website towards a lead. Whether this is a form to fill out, phone call, scheduled apartment tour, or other step towards signing a lease, it allows you to see who your highest-quality site visitors are. From here, you can focus on them and searchers like them in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Typically, conversion tracking ends at a phone call, form submission, or completed apartment tour. Tracking leases directly back to apartment Google Ads has been something that has not been possible before the introduction of Respage’s Paid Search Landing Page. This product is offered free of cost to all of our apartment paid search customers. The landing page is customized to your apartment community and allows integration with your CRM to track leases that came through paid search ads. This allows you to focus on the traffic and apartment marketing dollars that are producing real business results and filling your vacancies. To learn more about Respage’s paid search offering or advanced lease tracking, talk to us today!


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