3 Facebook Advertising Changes Apartment Marketers Need to Know About in 2019


Facebook is constantly evolving. And as a Facebook Blueprint Certified partner that exclusively serves the multifamily industry, Respage takes great pride in our ability to explain the nitty-gritty world of apartment facebook advertising in ways that are easy to understand.

Sharing Facebook Pixels and Offline Event Sets

Privacy and data usage concerns have plagued Facebook for over two years. You may recall the company shut down Partner Categories and introduced new requirements for custom audiences this past summer. These changes impacted overall ad targeting precision, and forced many to pivot their Facebook apartment marketing strategy.

As a continuation of these efforts, Facebook now requires businesses to define their relationship with other businesses with which they share their data. This includes includes advertising partners. And that means communities who use a Facebook apartment marketing service provider – like Respage – will need to verify their relationship to the provider if they want their ads campaigns to remain active.

These requirements first appeared in October of 2018 for new accounts. But before the end of the first half of 2019, Facebook plans to ask every business with an advertising partner to verify their relationship with said partner. If you’re currently working with Respage to manage your Facebook advertising, please contact your representative so we can get started on this process.

Image and Content Quality

Facebook has long held a strong policy against disruptive and low quality content. Starting in 2019, this policy will grow even more strict.

Most of the gauges used to judge low quality content are intended for click-bait ads ran by online tabloids. However, multifamily advertisers can still find themselves in hot water if they drop the ball. Remember that things like ad image quality and landing page experience are of the utmost importance. Choosing small and/or blurry images for your ads – and irrelevant content for your landing pages – can and will result in reduced ad distribution.

Other things to avoid include exaggerated ad copy (clickbait) and disruptive intersitinals (pop-ups) on your landing page.

Lead Attribution

Tracking an online customer journey isn’t exactly simple on any platform, and Facebook is no different. Even the most experienced apartment marketing pros can run into trouble explaining how certain social actions generate leads and drive sales. But thanks to Facebook Attribution, things just got a whole lot easier.

Facebook Attribution, which rolled out late 2018, gives marketers a holistic view of their overall social strategy performance across Facebook and Instagram ads. Although not nearly as robust as the attribution tools found in Google Analytics, Facebook Attribution does allow for some pretty cool insights. Notable among these insights is a feature that allows you to track conversions across multiple devices.

Attribution is in its early stages and we expect to see great things from it as the year progresses.

Need Help?

The new Facebook changes outlined above seem really cool to geeks. But for apartment pros who have more important things to do than learn the complex ins and outs of social advertising, this can all be a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, Respage is here to help. As a Facebook Blueprint Certified partner, we live and breathe Facebook and Instagram advertising for multifamily. Contact us today to see how we can do the nerd-work for you.


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