Having trouble reaching prospects on Facebook? Let them come to you.


If you’re an apartment manager or marketer, you know that Facebook can be a finicky beast. 

Despite boasting the largest user base of any social media platform, connecting with prospects on Facebook is difficult—even with a stunning social media strategy.  

We see it often. Low engagement leads to frustrated marketers. And that leads to apartment Facebook pages falling stagnant. 

But before you throw up your hands at Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook algorithm, consider how your prospects may be interacting with your profile.

Organic reach is declining

Unfortunately Facebook is no longer a marketer’s Field of Dreams. In 2023, if you post it—they probably won’t come. 

With countless algorithm changes, and the increased emphasis on advertising, organic reach for business pages has plummeted, with many pages reporting that their posts reach less than 6% of their total followers. 

So how do you get prospects to land on your page? Make yourself reachable 24/7.

Prospects want answers fast

In the days before instant chat and email, 3-5 days was a perfectly acceptable amount of time to wait for a response from a business. But in the age of social media more than 75% of consumers expect a response within the first 24 hours of reaching out.

And 13% won’t wait more than an hour, making Facebook Messenger a valuable tool to connect with prospects. 

But only if you can answer fast enough.

Turn on badges to increase trust

Outdated or inactive Facebook pages can be an instant turn-off for prospects (not to mention it hurts what’s left of your organic reach). But utilizing Facebook’s response badges can help build trust with your prospects, and let them know that they can quickly expect an answer to their questions. 

You page can earn a Very responsive to messages badge if you have a consistently high response rate (90% or more), and a fast response time (within 15 minutes).

We know, easier said than done.

Automate Facebook Messenger chat

If you want to make sure you’re not losing out on prospects who reach out to your community through Facebook Messenger, there are automation tools available, like instant replies and away messages available in the Meta Business Suite. But they won’t help you earn a Very Responsive badge unless you are manually engaging with the prospect following the initial reply.

The real trick to earning a stellar response rate and ensuring you never lose a prospect is utilizing an AI leasing assistant

Connect your AI leasing assistant to Facebook Messenger

If your property has an AI leasing assistant, you know first hand the power of a 24/7 chatbot with lead nurturing. And this game-changing technology has finally found its way to social media. 

This month Respage has added Facebook Messenger chat to its robust prospect communication platform, becoming the first multifamily supplier to introduce social media chat and prospect nurturing. Now ResMate, the industry’s most comprehensive AI leasing assistant, can connect with prospects through web chat, email, text, phone, ILS, Google Business Profile, and now Facebook Messenger. 

Prospects can remain in the Facebook Messenger app on both desktop and mobile devices and chat with ResMste with the same accuracy and follow up they’ve come to expect from chatting with the AI leasing assistant through property websites and Google Business Profile.

The best part? By connecting your AI leasing assistant to Facebook Messenger, you will soon receive the coveted “Very responsive” badge, as Facebook honors API messages when calculating response rate and response time. Not only will this help give your Facebook page a shiny new badge to display, but it will also entice more prospects to chat with you through Facebook Messenger, allowing ResMate to collect more prospect data, schedule more tours, and sign more leases.

Interested in learning more? Click the button below to chat with ResMate on Facebook Messenger and see for yourself!


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