10 examples of scroll-stopping Facebook Ads for apartment communities


Renters today have access to more information about apartment communities than ever before. It’s a blessing and a curse for those searching for a new home, as too much information can muddy up choices and make the process of finding the right apartment difficult. 

So how can you help your community stand out from the crowd? Social media advertising is a good place to start.

A solid social media presence can help renters discover your apartment community, but there’s a sure-fire way to turn that “discovery” into an intentional marketing plan.

Facebook and Instagram paid ads can be an excellent way of getting your community in front of many potential renters in a matter of minutes.

Social media advertising can be complex and requires a lot of analysis and testing—but one thing remains the same no matter what kind of campaign you’re running—first impressions are everything. 

So if you’re looking to increase your apartment leads and get noticed on Facebook, check out these 10 examples of real multifamily Facebook advertisements to spark some ideas.

10 Facebook Advertising examples to market your apartment community

1. Show—don’t tell

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. You may have heard that video format is the most engaging way to catch your potential customer’s attention. Create an ad with an apartment video tour to showcase your available units. Add all the details and special offers on the copy like these examples:

2. Get creative with your ads 

When creating paid ads, it’s always helpful to remember that potential customers are scrolling and enjoying their free time on Facebook or Instagram; this is why making creative ads is proven more effective at getting results. An example of this is Apartment List; they take the known concept of swiping right from dating apps and apply it to apartment hunting. 

3. Tailor your ads to a specific audience    

Not all renters have the same needs. Concentrating on a specific group or segment can help big time when you create ads. The copy, imagery, and general proposition can be very specific in order to make potential prospects feel like you are talking specifically to them. For example, this ad from Tree Apartments is speaking to a specific audience—students. The ad copy highlights important decision-making points, like the location being closer to campus, and nightlife. 

4. Tailor your ads to a specific city or neighborhood 

It’s no secret that personalizing ads increases relevance for viewers, making them feel like the message was tailored to them. You can use Facebook ads’ targeting capabilities for a specific city or neighborhood to make sure that the message reaches the right audience. Flyhome does this by tailoring the copy on the ad:

5. Add social proof to your ads 

It is well known that social proof can generate interest, increase credibility and ultimately drive conversions. You can display renter’s reviews about your apartment community on your ads. We suggest using this strategy for retargeting people that have already shown interest in your apartment community. 

6. Is simplicity the key to success? 

When creating a Facebook Ad strategy, the name of the game is testing. There is no other way to know what will work for your apartment community’s needs. We suggest testing a simple photo ad + value proposition as The Elinor does on these examples. Sometimes simplicity can be the key to success.

7. Make them an offer they can’t refuse 

Everybody loves a good deal, and if you’re looking to attract new renters and increase demand, moving-in specials can be an excellent tool to stir up some buzz around your community. Facebook and Instagram ads can give visibility to your move-in specials like Meadows at Meadow Run Apartments did in this example. 

8. Try interactive ads

If you are looking to increase awareness and engagement, interactive content is a solid option. Surveys, quizzes, and games can quickly lift up the interactions between users and your apartment community. This strategy not only increases engagement, but it also gives your ad a boost organically within the Facebook and Instagram algorithms. A simple way to achieve this is through Facebook and Instagram Stories poll option, a simple “Guess the rent?” will guarantee to get the attention of many people.

9. Looking for an engaging + cost-effective ad? 

If you want to create an engaging and cost-efficient ad, you’ll definitely want to try the carousel ad form. Carousel ads can display 10 products in images or videos, a great solution if you are looking to display multiple apartments, videos, photos, or amenities. Mix and match, and get as creative as you want:

10. Include attention-grabbing tags 

We’ve all been there, mindlessly scrolling through social media. This is precisely the reason why including an extra element on the imagery or video with a very bold color can increase the awareness of your ad. Evo Union Park Apartments achieves this by including a Leasing Now tag in bold red.

Put your best foot forward

Sometimes simply posting on social media is not enough to attract leads or create a buzz about your community. Paid ads are a great way to expand your reach on social media and put your best foot forward. 

If you’re interested in learning more about paid advertising, and how it can work for your apartment community, reach out to one of our social advertising experts today.


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