How to Improve Your Apartment Google Ratings Quickly

Finger tapping on a virtual 5 star rating

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020, 1:00PM-1:15PM
Boost your apartment reputation on Google. Google My Business is the most popular review site for apartments. In this webinar you will learn how to increase your apartment Google ratings in just one month…

Leveraging Technology to Aid Apartment Leasing During COVID-19

MAY 14, 2020, 1:00PM-1:15PM
During this global pandemic, demands on office staff are unprecedented. They are overwhelmed and overworked. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can use technology to make the lives of your leasing staff easier in the wake of the coronavirus…

Tips for Requesting Apartment Reviews

Apartment online reputation management is a vital part of a multifamily marketer’s job. However, many in the industry still tend to think of reputation management as game of defense rather than a game of offense. This is the wrong approach. Implementing proactive reputation strategies today ensures that your community is better positioned to withstand the […]

Here’s Why Facebook Lead Ads Belong in Your 2019 Apartment Marketing Strategy

Facebook Lead Ads have quickly become one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to generate apartment leads online. Today, we’re looking at what  makes this new format unique, why that uniqueness is great, and how apartment marketers can leverage Lead Ads to their advantage.   What Are Facebook Lead Ads? How Are they […]

How to Leverage Google My Business Q&A for Your Apartment Marketing Strategy

Google My Business has added tons of great new features over the past year and a half. In fact, the popular search tool has launched so many features that some have completely slipped under radar. One of those features is GMB Q&A, and you definitely want to add it to your apartment marketing strategy. Read […]

5 Overlooked Google My Business Tips Proven To Boost Your Apartment SEO

Our customers constantly ask us for new ways to boost their visibility in Google Search. And while we certainly don’t shy away from discussing how we can help through our apartment SEO and apartment PPC services, we’re not in the business of hiding free SEM alternatives from our partners. That’s just not who we are […]

Why and How You Should Use Google My Business Posts for Apartment Marketing

A recent newcomer to the apartment marketing world, Google My Business Posts aren’t widely embraced among multifamily professionals. This a is a real shame because GMB Posts offer an incredible amount of value for little to no upfront costs. And who can ignore that? To help bring GMB posts into the mainstream, we put together […]

3 Facebook Advertising Changes Apartment Marketers Need to Know About in 2019

Facebook is constantly evolving. And as a Facebook Blueprint Certified partner that exclusively serves the multifamily industry, Respage takes great pride in our ability to explain the nitty-gritty world of apartment facebook advertising in ways that are easy to understand. Sharing Facebook Pixels and Offline Event Sets Privacy and data usage concerns have plagued Facebook […]

3 Must-Use Tools to Guide Your Apartment Marketing Strategy in 2019

Anyone who works in online marketing knows that the field is always in flux. What works today may not work tomorrow. And what works tomorrow may be completely obsolete the following week. With that in mind, we put together a quick rundown of three apartment marketing tools and services we think stand a pretty good […]

The State of Facebook Management for Apartments in 2019

It’s no big secret the past two years have been rough on Facebook. Concerns over user data, a litany of legal proceedings, and predictions that newer networks threaten its kingly status have all plagued the social media giant – so much so that one could be forgiven for doubting Facebook’s future as an apartment marketing […]