Here’s Why Facebook Lead Ads Belong in Your 2019 Apartment Marketing Strategy


Facebook Lead Ads have quickly become one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to generate apartment leads online. Today, we’re looking at what  makes this new format unique, why that uniqueness is great, and how apartment marketers can leverage Lead Ads to their advantage.


What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

How Are they Different from Standard Facebook Ads for Apartments?

Facebook Lead Ads look extremely similar to the standard Facebook ads multifamily professionals already know and love. They include headlines and images. They include descriptive text and call to action buttons. And they appear in users’ newsfeeds among native content, increasing their visibility.

But once users click on these ads, the experience is slightly different.

Whereas standard Facebook Ads feature call to action buttons that lead users away from the social network and onto your website, Facebook Lead Ads direct users to forms hosted on Facebook’s network.

The forms include fields for name and contact info, which are automatically completed based on user profile data. In addition to these run of the mill fields, advertisers also have the option to create customized form fields to meet their particular business needs. For example, you might have a field that asks how many bedrooms a user might require in his or her apartment.


Why Lead Ads Are Great for Apartment Marketing?

On the surface, the new ad format may seem like a minor tweak to the standard ad. However, given what we know about how positive user experience correlates with increased conversions, it’s safe to say the new format offers several benefits.

First, Facebook Lead Ads ensure users never leave the Facebook platform. This is a great thing.

Facebook has some of the fastest load times on the Internet. And in a world that’s increasingly mobile, and where a second’s delay can cost apartment communities a 12 month lease, those ultra fast load times come in handy. This is especially true if your website is occasionally sluggish rendering pages.

Second, the fact that user forms are prefilled by Facebook makes the process even faster, lending an almost exponential improvement to user experience.

Prefilled forms basically ensure that your leads are two clicks – and zero keystrokes – away from conversions at all times. Granted, it’s possible the forms won’t always be accurate since many people use false names on Facebook. But it’s safe to say most users would take the time to edit the prefilled forms in the event any information is incorrect.


How Can You Best Use New Forms?

Multifamily professionals who want to optimize their lead generation experience and conversion rates should definitely use all the features of Facebook Lead Generation Ads to their advantage.

Make sure your fields include basic contact information, such as name, email, and phone number. If you want to use the custom fields option, it’s probably best to keep things brief in order to save the user time. You might consider simply asking for the the price range the user desires, and/or the number of bedrooms they need. Keeping it short and sweet will maximize the user experience benefits we covered above.

And if you’re having trouble figuring out how to best optimize your ads, or just don’t have enough time to build them yourself, always remember that the Respage apartment marketing team is standing by to help. As a Facebook Blueprint Certified partner that works exclusively in multifamily social media, PPC and other online advertising formats, we’ve got the knowledge, tools, and teams required to do the hard work for you.


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