A Winning Formula for Increasing Positive Apartment Reviews


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It’s clear that online reviews play a massive role in apartment reputation management. Standard reputation management for communities includes basic things that are pretty much required these days if you want acceptable scores. For example, It’s standard practice to respond to every apartment review. So what makes you stand out? What will separate your community from the other options your potential renters are considering?


The focus now is more on being proactive and growing your apartment community’s reputation rather than simply managing it. But how?


We have an apartment marketing strategy for getting more positive reviews, which will ultimately increase your apartment star ratings and improve your online reputation. This formula is short, requires little work on your part thanks to AI technology, and minimizes your chances of receiving unfavorable reviews while maximizing your chances of seeing glowing reviews.


Check out the steps below to get started.


Step 1: Don’t Bug


Nobody likes a pushover.


As important as review generation is to you and your property, no one wants to be bothered repeatedly to do something. So no matter how much you’re craving those sweet apartment reviews, try not to bug your residents about them. The best way to solicit reviews is through a clean and non-invasive approach.


Step 2: Get Genuine Reviews


Readers spot fake reviews from miles away.


So if you want to make your apartment reputation look good, make it look genuine. It goes without saying that you should never buy reviews, but you also shouldn’t incentivize positive apartment reviews through giveaways or any contract that trades a positive review for a product or service.


Step 3: Create Positive Experiences


Making positive experiences is easier said than done. But if you optimize the correct moments, it’s actually incredibly simple. Instead of asking for reviews unprompted, ask after you’ve completed a task that resulted in a positive experience for your renter.


Maintenance request fulfillments are a perfect example of such an experience. The Respage Surveys & Star Ratings Platform includes automated surveys and review requests based on defined triggers, such as maintenance requests. Custom triggers can also be created to accommodate your property. Simple day-to-day request fulfillments also work. You could even prompt during nonchalant interactions, such as when a renter signs into your resident portal. This allows a resident to leave a review on their own time, guaranteeing its authenticity.


Step 4: Push Good Reviewers to Lower Performing Review Sites


No matter how good your apartment reputation becomes there’s always room for improvement.


So why push reviewers to the same apartment review sites over and over again when you could ‘up your average’ by pushing them to lower-performing sites?


The Review Requests feature of our Surveys & Star Ratings Platform uses AI to request apartment reviews to your most needed review sites, and the sites requested can be customized. For those without this tool, we recommend compiling a list of lower-performing review sites that rank highly in Google, and directing positive reviewers to those sites.


Step 5: Make it Easy for Your Residents to Leave Reviews


Here’s the thing. Generally speaking, an unhappy resident will likely go to greater lengths to leave a negative apartment review, than a happy resident will to leave a positive one. So you need to make the process simple. Ideally, when you ask the person for a review, they can leave it right then and there, without having to move through a bunch of steps or clicks.


Respage’s Review Booster tool – comes included with our Surveys & Star Ratings Platform, but is also sold separately – uses AI technology to interact with residents and ask them for Google reviews. Reviewers are actually pushed straight to Google to leave a review, so it can all be done instantly. The result is more positive Google apartment reviews and corresponding increases in Google apartment star ratings. The icing on the cake is it’s fast and you don’t have to lift a finger. All the work is done for you using AI technology. 


Step 6: Share Your Positive Reviews 


Positive apartment reviews beget positive apartment reviews. If residents see positive reviews about their community, they are more likely to feel comfortable writing their own, and will want to add to the momentum. So it’s important to celebrate the wins and share those positive reviews with your community and with the world.


Respage Review Share uses AI technology to select a five-star review from the Respage Dashboard, overlays it on an image of your property, and creates a ready-to-share image for your social networks. So you can share that positive review on social media with just one click. With our Review Booster + Review Share package, you can leverage the power of AI to both get more positive Google reviews and then share them with the world, without having to do any work.


The Respage Review Widget makes it easy to share your positive reviews on your website by adding coding that we provide you with. Again, this is a great way to create momentum letting technology do the work for you.


Wrapping It Up


Encouraging and generating positive reviews for apartment reputation management is easy with a little bit of effort and the right technology. Follow the steps above and you’ll start making gains in no time!


Let us help. We are the leading provider of AI-driven apartment reputation solutions. Reach out to us to learn how we can help boost your positive reviews and grow your apartment reputation.



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