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How Respage Can Help You With Micro-Moment Apartment Marketing

On any given day, a typical consumer will spend nearly five hours on his smartphone researching, purchasing, browsing. You might think, “Great, five hours to capture their attention with engaging content.” Not so fast. According to the internet gurus at Google, those hours are punctuated with pivotal micro-moments (about 150 of them daily) that determine if and how a renter interacts with your content. Google defines micro-moments as “intent-richRead more

Why Remarketing Your Amenities-Based Ad Is the Way to Get New Renters

You likely already know that marketing your apartment community’s amenities is a great way to get new renters. Some people are looking for pet-friendly facilities and won’t settle for anything else, while others count self-storage facilities as a must-have in their apartment search. But your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there. You should also be remarketing these unique amenities — especially to those interested parties. Here’s a bit of importantRead more

The Respage Chatbot: What Is It and Why Do Multifamily Marketers Need It?

Early last week, we officially announced our new Respage Chatbot offering. Fans of our products and services met this announcement with loads of excitement, but they also had loads of questions. This post aims to clear the whats, whys, and whens:    What is Chatbot? The Respage Chatbot is an artificially intelligent leasing agent. We’ve programmed it to answer all of the most common questions leasing agents receive fromRead more

3 Useful Facebook Advertising Tips for 55+ Communities

Apartment marketers who work with 55+ communities don’t have too many options when it comes to social advertising. After all, it’s quite uncommon for a Baby Boomer to have an Instagram account. And you can completely forget about Snapchat. But there is one social network that has captured the attention of Boomers: Facebook. As of 2016, roughly 30 percent of Boomers had active Facebook accounts, and that number isRead more

Respage Launches Digital Marketing Solutions for Senior Living Communities

Starting in April, Respage will extend its line of multifamily marketing products and services to the senior living sector. Property management companies that cater to senior living communities will have access to all the products and services current Respage clients love, including: Reputation management tools that alert property management companies and/or on-site staff to newly published reviews and other reputation threats, as well as a review response service thatRead more

What Impact Will the New Pinterest Search Ads Have on Multifamily Marketers?

Pinterest officially introduced its new search ads feature last week, giving Multifamily marketers a great way to reach more prospects and sign more leases.vian34vian34 The new search ads are keyword-based and appear in a sponsored section of the app whenever a user performs a search. Similar to Google AdWords, the ads run on a Pay-Per-Click model. But in a distinguishing move, Pinterest ads contain large images instead of blocksRead more

Multifamily Comment Marketing: Why It’s Valuable and How You Should Do It

  Comment marketing is nothing new. The process of recommending your brand in a forum comment was quite popular a few years back, when the comment sections of some websites passed link-juice and provided an easy way for marketers to build their link profiles, giving a big SEO boost to their website as a result. While the days of Page-Rank-passing links in comment sections and forums are long gone,Read more

3 High-Performing Apartment Marketing Strategies to Embrace in 2017

The New Year has arrived. And with it, a new set of apartment marketing challenges to face and overcome. For regional managers and people on the front lines of apartment marketing, these challenges mostly revolve around advertising costs and their respective ROIs. But with so many different apartment marketing strategies available, the first challenge is determining which ideas are worth the time. So with that in mind, we putRead more

You Can Use Pokemon Go to Build Buzz About Your Apartment Community!

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Not even two days after its release, the augmented reality game was installed on more than 5 percent of all Android devices in the US. And if that doesn’t sound like much, consider the fact that Tinder – the wildly popular dating app – is installed on a little over 2 percent of US-based Android devices.   The impressive stats don’tRead more


A Quick Look at How Apartment Marketers Can Beat Ad Blocking Software

People hate ads and it’s all our fault. Need proof? Check out this article from Search Engine Watch. In it, author Leonie Mercedes reveals some pretty scary statistics regarding the rise of ad blockers. For example, AdBlock Plus – which is just one of many ad blockers out there – registered 100 million active users in 2016. That’s 100 million devices that marketers can no longer serve ads to.Read more

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