Apartment Amenity Scheduling is Here to Stay

Woman setting her calendar appointments on a smart phone

Most apartment operators will agree that safe access to community amenities has been one of the most significant puzzles to solve in 2020. Apartment amenity scheduling platforms have quickly become a must-have…

Send Us Qualified Leads and We’ll Send You $100 or More!

In order to help multifamily communities sign more leases through our apartment marketing services, Respage has introduced a referral program for those who send us qualified leads. Read this simple 3-step guide to the referral process for a quick understanding of how it works, and then click the link at the bottom of the guide […]

Spike in Downtown Development Signals Bright Future for Multifamily Industry

Apartment developers are betting big on city centers throughout the United States, with roughly a quarter of all new construction projects happening in downtown regions. The trend represents a rebound from over five decades of urban decay. And according to economists at Freddie Mac, this trend won't be slowing down anytime soon. Downtown apartment construction […]

Google Inbox Promises to Be the Solution to an Overcrowded Inbox

Google Inbox, Google's new email app and successor to Gmail, debuted October 22 with a new approach to email messaging. Intended to be "the inbox that works for you," the app—available for Android and iOS—is similar to Gmail, but with a few new key features that help make email less burdensome. For example, messages with […]

Respage.com Has a New Look, But Still Offers Same Great Service

Have you visited Respage.com lately? If so, you've probably noticed that we've donned a new look. To better demonstrate how our products can help you, we've streamlined the homepage of our site and given it a more user-friendly update. But don't worry, all of the helpful resources, such as the Learning Center and the Customer […]

Ellen Thompson of 4 Walls will be presenting at the 2014 NAA Education Conference & Exposition

Hello Multifamily Friends, 4 Walls Co-Founder, Ellen Thompson is presenting at the 2014 NAA Education Conference & Exposition in Denver, June 18-21 and we would love to have you join us for this exciting event. Register at http://educonf.naahq.org/attend/register/ Also on the program is actor, author, and philanthropist Michael J. Fox——who will share his remarkable and […]

Developing Your Apartment Community Budget

  Forward This Survey!   Developing Your Apartment  Community Budget  Without a proper budget methodology, it is impossible understand how our apartment communities are performing, opportunities for improvement, and potential red flags in our operations.  Therefore, we are examining the budget creation process at apartment communities.  By taking this short survey, you will get access to […]

Take It From Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra, the legendary New York Yankees catcher and Baseball Hall of Famer, is also one of the world's great philosophers, having contributed immortal insights like "It ain't over 'til it's over" and "It's deja vu all over again" to the lexicon. But here's a Yogi-ism you may not know: "Ask questions. Maybe it might lead to something." Berra, […]