Apartment Amenity Scheduling is Here to Stay


A person on their phone scheduling time to use the apartment’s amenities with Respage’s amenity scheduler.

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s clear that American apartment communities will be contending with COVID-19 well into the new year. This year has forced apartment marketers, property managers and staff to adapt to a new way of doing business, from virtual tours and contactless leasing to community-wide events going online.

But most apartment operators will agree that safe access to community amenities has been one of the most significant puzzles to solve. Many residents base their leasing decisions on a community’s amenities and the lifestyle they can expect from having an apartment fitness center, pool, fire pit and game room on site. In other words, apartment amenities matter. A lot.

So in order to keep residents happy as well as socially distanced and safe, apartment amenity scheduling platforms have quickly become a must-have. They allow residents to reserve time slots for community amenities. Residents can schedule in various ways, for example through the apartment website or via a QR code posted at apartment amenity entrances.

While this apartment amenity scheduling technology was born out of necessity during a crisis, it appears to be here to stay. We’re hearing from apartment communities all around the country that streamlining amenity access has made life easier — and safer — for residents and staff alike.

When COVID is a memory rather than a daily reality, we expect apartment amenity scheduling to still be thriving. In this post, we’ll take a look at other ways an amenity scheduler will remain useful going forward.

Scheduling amenities beyond the pool and gym

The most obvious use for an amenity scheduler is the pool and fitness center, but a little brainstorming can open the door to more uses. Here are a few examples:

Booking co-working spaces

With many people now working from home, apartment communities are converting vacant apartments to office spaces that residents can reserve. This would be a great option for residents who need a private place to meet with clients in person, or a quiet spot to focus on work with an added bonus of a change of scenery.

Making guest parking reservations

When having guests over becomes normal again, residents can reserve a spot for a visiting vehicle. They can choose the time increments and receive reminders through the amenity scheduler when time is running out.

Reserving the clubhouse

It’s common for apartment communities to require residents to book the clubhouse in advance. But rather than doing so in person in the leasing office, an amenity scheduler can simplify things by bringing this process into the same interface as the other apartment amenity bookings.

Booking outdoor spaces

If your apartment community has any outdoor spaces like a rooftop deck or grilling stations, you know how popular they can be. Post-pandemic, you can use an amenity scheduler to ensure all of your residents get the opportunity to use them.

Event RSVPs

You’re not limited to using a scheduler just for traditional amenities. Communities that offer resident events can use it to collect RSVPs and send reminders.

Reserve a time at a washing station

Communities with car wash and dog wash stations have probably witnessed the frustration of residents not being able to use these popular amenities when they want. By offering a booking option, that jockeying for position is eliminated.


Amenity usage has long been a headache for many apartment operators. The fix came out of necessity due to COVID, but it appears that apartment amenity scheduling is poised to become a regular part of normal, everyday life in many apartment communities in the U.S. for years to come. Respage’s Resident Amenity Scheduler is the most robust amenity scheduling tool in Multifamily. If you think this technology could help your community, contact Respage for a demo!


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