Google Inbox Promises to Be the Solution to an Overcrowded Inbox


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Google Inbox, Google’s new email app and successor to Gmail, debuted October 22 with a new approach to email messaging. Intended to be “the inbox that works for you,” the app—available for Android and iOS—is similar to Gmail, but with a few new key features that help make email less burdensome. For example, messages with a similar subject are automatically bundled together, and high-priority messages are highlighted, helping prevent them from becoming lost in the fray. You can even add reminders to your Inbox, snooze messages with a quick swipe of a finger, or assign a “low-priority” label to certain messages and senders.

If you’re a current Gmail user, you can test out the app for yourself by requesting an invite on the Google Inbox website. If you have a friend who’s a current Inbox user, he or she can send you an invite, as well.

Learn more about Google Inbox on the Google blog and the app’s official website.


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