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Everyone knows what is happening in Ukraine today. It’s on the news. Social media. Discussions with friends.

For us here at Respage, it’s closer to home than that.

For years, our Ukrainian team has played a massive role in turning Respage into the company it is today. Our technology offerings, in particular, simply wouldn’t be what they are without the brilliance of our Ukrainian colleagues who supplement our stateside development team.

In recent weeks, we’ve watched in shock as team members have been forced to relocate to western Ukraine, Poland, and beyond, help family members flee their homes, and face massive disruptions to their lives. They and their loved ones are the victims of a devastating war and all the horror that comes with it.

We are with them.

We categorically denounce the senseless and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine brought by the Russian government. We are hopeful a peaceful solution is found, but in the meantime, we are committed to doing the things we can do. 

Things you, the person reading this, can do too.

We encourage you to continue to talk to your friends and colleagues about the war and to amplify your message by posting your thoughts to social media. If you’re in the United States, consider writing to your congressman to make your thoughts on this situation known. Millions of Ukrainians, who just a few weeks earlier, enjoyed a life similar to ours, are displaced and in need of financial help. Advocacy can help make this a reality.

If you can, consider making a donation yourself. Every dollar you can provide will be of great help to someone’s mother, father, son, or daughter. Here are some of the many ways you can help. Our leadership has supported Central World Kitchen and Stand With Ukraine.

Thank you for reading this. Slava Ukraini!

The Respage Team


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