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Move Over Millennials: Generation Z Is About to Hit the Multifamily Market

Thanks to last week’s blog post, you’re now an expert on marketing to the millennial renter. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news? A whole other generation is rising up right on the heels of the millennials: Generation Z — and they expect even more from your marketing team. Technically, Generation Z overlaps with the millennial generation a bit. It’s made up of anyone born in 1995 or laterRead more

Why It’s Crucial to Use Technology to Attract Millennial Renters

Millennials currently hold the title as the largest generation in history—there are 92 million of them. But who, exactly, falls into this category? The term “millenial” encompasses anyone who was born between the year 1980 and 2000. This means they grew up with practically unlimited access to technology and the internet. In fact, many of them don’t remember a time before computers were a household essential. With the millennialRead more

Why You Should Use Custom Landing Pages to Maximize Your Apartment’s PPC Ads

If you’re already using PPC ads as part of your marketing strategy, then you understand their benefits. PPC ads help to drive traffic to your website by popping up only when potential renters search for a specific term—and since you only pay when someone clicks, this type of advertising is cost-effective. But if the page renters land on isn’t compelling, they’ll navigate away in a split second and forgetRead more

How Respage Can Help You With Micro-Moment Apartment Marketing

On any given day, a typical consumer will spend nearly five hours on his smartphone researching, purchasing, browsing. You might think, “Great, five hours to capture their attention with engaging content.” Not so fast. According to the internet gurus at Google, those hours are punctuated with pivotal micro-moments (about 150 of them daily) that determine if and how a renter interacts with your content. Google defines micro-moments as “intent-richRead more

6 Ways a Chatbot Can Help Improve Your Apartment Website’s User Experience (UX)

Chatbot, virtual assistant, conversational agent… The “correct” term for a bot depends on whom you ask. And while all of the above labels are perfectly suited to represent a bot and its capabilities, we suggest thinking of a bot as something else altogether: a “digital sherpa.” That is, a navigational assistant that can help a website’s visitors by creating a more direct route between the visitor and their desiredRead more

So… What is an Apartment Chatbot, Anyway?

You don’t need to know the nitty-gritty tech behind artificial intelligence (AI) to use it on a daily basis. For instance, have you ever given Facebook the green light to auto-tag your friends in a newly uploaded photo? That facial recognition software is an example of AI. Have you ever asked Amazon Echo or Google Home to tell you the news or set a kitchen timer? Those voice-controlled devicesRead more
Biggest Lie in Apartment Marketing

The Biggest, Most Rotten Lie in Apartment Marketing

“We’ll drive more traffic to your website,” they said. “You’ll sign more leases,” they said. ...By now, you’ve heard that pitch one hundred times from one hundred vendors. Heck, you probably even heard it from us. (Sorry.) And even though this pitch is true at a basic level, it conveniently fails to mention several things can stop an initial website visit from becoming a pen to paper lease signing:Read more

3 Reasons Spanish-Speaking Multifamily Chatbots Are A Smart Move in 2017

Last week, Respage announced that our revolutionary multifamily chatbots can now ‘speak’ Spanish. As a follow up to that announcement, we wanted to clarify what prompted us to build this technology. Check out the following three reasons why Spanish-bots are a growing multifamily necessity in 2017. The United States Has A Large (And Growing) Spanish Speaking Population Aside from English, Spanish is the most widely used language in theRead more

Apartment Communities & Colleges Share A Common Marketing Success Strategy: Chatbots

What do applying for college and applying for an apartment have in common? First, they both involve big decisions to make, forms to fill out, documentation to secure, money to fork over. Second, they both lean heavily toward younger people. And finally, both are looking to artificial intelligence-driven technology to help streamline their processes. Specifically, chatbots. In the higher ed camp, there’s Pounce. Georgia State University launched this textRead more

We Analyzed 11 Multifamily Chatbots Over a 2-Week Period, and the Results are Incredible

Respage multifamily chatbots are spreading like wildfire. Trust us when we say we’re extremely happy about that. In fact, the only thing that makes us happier is looking at all the data that shows how successful they are at helping our clients. To spread some of that joy, we put together the following insights from a recent study we conducted. The study took a look at chatbot data forRead more

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