How your apartment chatbot conversations can enhance your marketing


A 24-hour chatbot is a marvelous invention. Not only for the convenience of being able to respond to prospects 24/7, 365 days a year, but also for the immense amount of prospect information stored away for a rainy day. 

If you’re racking your brain for new marketing ideas or wondering what new prospects are looking for—go to the source!

Diving into chatbot conversations

If you want to get the most out of your apartment chatbot, it’s important to not only focus on what the prospect sees, but also take a deep dive into the reporting functions available for your team. The best apartment chatbots will include detailed transcripts, reporting, and tools to analyze all of the interactions that come through your property website. 

Each time your chatbot interacts with a prospect, it should collect information from the conversation, such as the prospect’s contact information, a transcript of the chat, top interests, tour preference, and the kind of device they used to interact with the bot.

Reporting can be enhanced even more if your chatbot is outfitted with natural language processing, which allows chatbots to understand human language (and learn as it converses), making their responses more human-like. This function can help capture and report important details and analyze sophisticated trends with more accuracy than a traditional chatbot.

By analyzing chatbot conversations, your team can learn more about your prospects, their interests, and if you are marketing to the right audience. 

Here are three ways your chatbot conversations can lead to better, more targeted marketing to attract more prospects, and sign more leases. 

3 ways apartment chatbot conversations can enhance your marketing

Analyzing prospect interest for a personalized tour

A great apartment chatbot will automatically sort your prospect transcripts to highlight top interests into a prospect info card. By sorting this info, your chatbot already does the hard work of analyzing the conversation and highlighting the most important pieces, which can help your team capitalize on those details during a tour. 

Perhaps your prospect asked questions about the pet policy, and amenities. Or kitchen appliances, the outdoor grill area, and cabinet space. There’s no reason those questions have to die in the chatbot conversation. 

Your team can use the information in the prospect info card to take special care and provide an individualized experience for the prospect based on their interest. Plus, your prospect will be impressed that you took the time to review what’s important to them. 

Discover trends and improve your marketing

A prospect conversation can also help properties determine trends or gaps in their current marketing. For example, if your community sees a sudden uptick in questions about your community parking, it may be an opportunity to update your website, Google Business Profile, or create a few social media posts about popular topics that are surfacing among prospect conversations. 

Tip: You can take this one step further and automate your social media content using an AI Social Post tool, which analyzes conversations for recent trends, and drafts social content based on prospect interests.

Respage Gold Package customers have access to AI Social Posts, which drafts 20 monthly social posts that are created specifically for your community based on what matters most to your prospects.

Track time, date, device for enhanced engagement

Tracking when prospects interact with the chatbot is also a valuable tool for marketing. If a large number of prospects interact on your website between 5-7 pm on Wednesdays, that could be a great time to schedule a social media post to attract more interest when you know prospects are already hunting for apartments. 

Finally, an often overlooked piece of reporting is the device with which prospects are chatting. As we continue to shift into a mobile-first society, it’s important for community operators to check the mobile view of their property website and chatbot to make sure it’s functioning properly. User experience is incredibly important, and chatting on a website that doesn’t work for your device may turn some prospects away.

Going beyond chatbot conversations

If you want to truly unlock the potential of your apartment chatbot, analyzing prospect conversations is just the first step. The best multifamily chatbots include in-depth reporting that goes beyond prospect interaction and transcripts. 

Chatbot performance statistics such as website conversion rates, total leads, lead-to-tour, and lead-to-lease conversions are important to track the effectiveness of your chatbot, and the efficiency of your leasing staff. 

These numbers are important marketing metrics to help determine how well your chatbot is working for your community, or if there are gaps that need to be addressed. 

Learn more about your prospects via performance metrics

Apartment chatbots are great for helping ease the daily burden for human agents, and helps leasing teams operate more efficiently. But if you want to dig deeper and understand your prospects, their motivations, and get a leg up on the competition, look no further than your chatbot conversations and performance metrics. 

Want to learn more about how Respage can help improve your operations and marketing? Read on to see how we compare to other multifamily chatbots. 

Is your apartment chatbot working for you?

Trying to find the right chatbot or AI leasing assistant for your property is tricky. Luckily, we have a handy downloadable quiz you can take to determine if your property chatbot is helping your team sign more leases, or if it’s stuck in the past. 

How does the Respage Chatbot compare?

Advanced reporting

When it comes to reporting, our Chatbot has an entire tab dedicated to prospect engagement. The Conversations tab in the Respage Chatbot app is a treasure trove of information about your prospects and their interests, and can help property teams get better acquainted with their most qualified leads. 

Natural language processing

The Respage Chatbot was the first in the multifamily industry to introduce natural language processing and conversational AI, and has built its knowledge using millions of prospect conversations.

With its use of natural language processing, our chatbot provides an in-depth prospect info card that details insight on what people are searching for in an easy to digest, at-a-glance view. Typically ‘Availability’ will be one of the first inquiries when a prospect interacts with a chatbot, but as the conversation progresses, the chatbot tracks additional questions and interests. 

Keyword tracking

You can also dive deeper into prospect interests in the Respage Chatbot app. You can view interests based on recent chatbot conversations and organize them by keyword. The property report will compile the total instances a keyword is used in a conversation over a selected period of time, and whether that inquiry has increased or decreased over time. 

Performance metrics

In addition to a wealth of information stored in each prospect info card, the Respage Chatbot reporting tab also provides an in-depth look into your website and chatbot performance that can help you determine how well your chatbot is working for your community. 

The Chatbot performance stats calculate conversion rates for your website, total leads, lead-to-tour, and lead-to-lease. 

Additionally, you can see the real-time benefit of having a website chatbot with a helpful ‘time saved’ metric, which calculates how many man hours were saved by prospects interacting with a chatbot rather than a human agent. Average length of conversation, number of Spanish conversations, and after-hours interactions are also tracked on this page. 

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