What’s new in October: Instagram Reels now available; 1,800 ways to customize ResMate Voice


Instagram Reels. You know them, you love them—but do you actually have time to post them? If you’re anything like our busy clients, probably not. 

Reels and short-form video have become some of the most engaging and sought-after content for marketers—but there’s a catch. Many multifamily professionals have noted that Instagram’s scheduling limitations have kept them from dipping their toe into short form video content.

But that ends now.

After months of research and collaboration, we’ve answered the call and come up with a solution to help engage your prospects and residents through short-form video in one easy-to-use platform.

Scheduling your properties’ social media content, including for the first time Instagram Reels, just got a little bit easier thanks to Respage’s latest platform updates. 

Let’s take a closer look…

Introducing Instagram Reels

Instagram’s in-app editing platform has changed the way we create and consume short form video. But without scheduling capabilities through the app, marketers must find other ways to streamline their social calendar and posting process—which could have unintended consequences, like losing your drafts, posting an incomplete video, or forgetting to post altogether.

That’s why Respage has introduced Instagram Reels to its social media dashboard, where you can now upload and schedule content to your Instagram feed and Reels, plus Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.


A screenshot of the Respage social dashboard highlighting the new Instagram Reels option

Combined with Respage’s social calendar function, multifamily marketers now have more tools than ever to streamline their social media management, enhance their engagement, and reach within their communities.

And speaking of the social calendar…

Never miss a National Holiday again

National Holiday reminders can now be found on the Respage social calendar. Holidays are an easy way to engage with residents and prospects (and fill up your calendar on those days where creative inspiration falls flat). 

A screenshot showing the new National Holiday notifications within the Respage Social Calendar

So as you gear up to organize your social media campaigns for November, check out the Respage social calendar for any holidays you may have missed.

A screenshot showing the new National Holiday notifications within the Respage Social Calendar

Nearly 2,000 ways to customize ResMate voice

What do Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant all have in common (besides being brilliant examples of how AI improves our everyday lives)? They all have a unique, recognizable, human-like voice.

Now, thanks to improved technology with ResMate Voice, your property’s AI assistant can now have its own unique voice, specifically curated for your community. 

Respage has released 15 new voices which include a variety of options for male and female speakers, and American and British accents. 

But we didn’t stop there. Further customizations relating to your assistant’s speaking rate, pitch, and volume allow for 1,875 unique voice options for your properties. 

These enhancements and customizations come at no additional cost for ResMate Voice users, and are available immediately. So go find your voice!

Have questions? We’re here to help!

Want to learn more about our new features? Reach out to support@respage.com to walk through our updates and find out how we can help.


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