ResMate and the mystery of the missing leads


It’s a brisk autumn morning and dark, fluffy clouds linger from an overnight thunderstorm, covering a sleepy apartment community like a blanket. Soft thunder rumbles and light rain splatters on the window of 221b Park Place Apartments. 

ResMate, a brilliant and enigmatic AI leasing assistant known for its ability to engage in leasing conversations on any channel, sits in a dimly lit office. The sun hardly cracked the horizon, but ResMate never went to bed. See, ResMate has a sense for knowing when a prospect has a question, and simply must provide an immediate answer—no matter what time of night. 

This stormy morning, however, ResMate was pondering a different kind of question—a mystery that would test its knowledge base and mastery of the ever-evolving world of multifamily marketing automation.

Park Place Apartments was struggling to fill vacant units, and all their leads had mysteriously vanished. ResMate analyzed data pouring in from multifamily properties across the city, and it appeared Park Place Apartments was not alone. Properties far and wide were struggling to find quality leads. 

ResMate knew something had to be done, and began unraveling the mystery of the missing leads. 

ResMate knew the key to success lay in a robust lead generation strategy, beginning with Google Ads and SEO optimization. So ResMate called his friends at Respage to get to work. 

While the Respage team analyzed and improved Google Ads keywords and budget allocation to target the right audience, ResMate polished up his nurturing hat, and prepared custom nurturing campaigns for incoming prospects, urging them to schedule a tour and submit an application.

Next, the Respage team turned its attention to SEO optimization, and carefully examined property websites, providing recommendations and best practices. 

In no time, Park Place Apartments began uncovering qualified leads and signing more leases.

With the Respage team on the case, ResMate deduced the leads were there the whole time—Park Place just needed a little help uncovering (and nurturing) them.

Investing in Respage lead generation services like Google Ads and SEO optimization, paired with the Respage all-in-one marketing & AI leasing platform, helped Park Place Apartments attract and manage more leads, while increasing conversion rates to make every lead count. 

Lead generation shouldn’t be a Sherlock-level mystery

Keep it simple and let Respage experts help track down leads and improve conversion rates to make every prospect count. 

Click here to schedule a demo to learn more, and download this Lead Generation Checklist to make sure you’re doing everything you can to track down those missing leads.


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