3 Respage products that make the transition to centralized leasing a breeze


For years we’ve heard that centralization is the future of the multifamily industry.

And thanks to advancements in technology making it easier for centralized teams to operate, the future is finally here. 

The only issue? According to reports, the actual definition of a centralized leasing model is different for most leasing professionals. But in each study, one thing remains the same: Centralization aims to improve process efficiency. 

While onsite teams grappled with how to implement a centralized model without affecting their customer service, personal workloads, and daily operations, multifamily suppliers have been hard at work developing solutions to make centralization (whatever your definition) a possibility. 

And now that the technology exists to help centralized teams access and manage leasing information across multiple properties, here are the three products that will help your team transition to a centralized leasing model without sacrificing resident or prospect experience.

ResMate AI leasing assistant

AI leasing assistants are arguably one of the most powerful tools available for centralized leasing teams. With the ability to automate prospect communication, follow-up, and nurturing campaigns across multiple channels, AI leasing assistants like ResMate can handle a larger volume of inquiries in a fraction of the time, resulting in better operational efficiency, and an increased lead-to-lease rate. For example, one ResMate customer reduced their lead-to-lease time by 53% and doubled their lead-to-tour conversion rate in just 30 days.

AI leasing assistants also help centralized teams sell across their property portfolio. ResMate, for example, will automatically cross-sell a sister property if a prospect inquires about a specific floor plan or property that is unavailable. This ensures that every prospect has the best opportunity to find the right fit within your centralized portfolio.

And while your AI leasing assistant is handling all of these inquiries, it is also collecting valuable data on prospect interests, marketing trends, and much more (but we’ll get into that later). 

Centralized Leasing Calendar

If you hope to transition your onsite leasing team to a centralized model, a regional calendar is a must. By providing your team with one centralized calendar for tours across your portfolio, you can help to streamline your daily schedule, and customize your tour calendar to best suit your team’s strengths.

This enhanced visibility and coordination ensures a smooth operation between multiple properties and helps your team effectively plan and allocate resources. Additionally, a centralized leasing calendar operates as a source of truth for your team to discuss prospects, tours, applicants, and other important information.

Smart Leasing Platform CRM

The Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to streamline and automate prospect and resident management, paving the way for centralized teams to automate up to 95% of their daily leasing tasks across their entire portfolio.

The Smart Leasing Platform combines the best in industry AI with an all-in-one platform that already includes a Centralized Leasing Calendar and our AI leasing assistant, ResMate. In addition, the Smart Leasing Platform has outbound email, SMS, and phone communication options, as well as inbound and outbound calls with call tracking for an additional fee.

But arguably the most powerful tool in the Smart Leasing Platform is the advanced AI-driven insights, which can help centralized teams predict resident happiness and renewal rates with 78% accuracy. By having a clearer understanding of resident happiness, centralized teams can work more efficiently to address problems at various properties and improve renewal rates portfolio wide.

Respage is here to make centralization easier

Many multifamily suppliers provide solutions to help streamline the leasing process and make agents’ lives easier. But not many offer an AI-driven solution wrapped in one easy-to-navigate platform.

That’s where Respage is different. 

If you’re considering making the jump to a centralized leasing model, message us to find out how our solutions can help ease the transition and improve your ROI.


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