Understanding Apartment Facebook & Instagram Advertising: Boosted Posts vs. Ad Campaigns


The world of apartment social media advertising can be difficult to navigate. There are many platforms, campaign types, placements, and targeting options to choose from. In particular, boosted posts and ad campaigns are two different apartment social media strategies that are often not properly distinguished. Understanding the difference between boosted posts and ad campaigns, and the results they produce is critical to making sure you are maximizing your return on apartment social ad spend.

Apartment Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are the most basic form of advertising through Facebook and Instagram. Page admins are able to promote almost any post on their apartment social media page to garner additional exposure. Boosts allow you to show your post to renters who don’t currently “like” your community page, getting more impressions on the post than you would have without the boost. These boosted posts may help with events such as open houses and other apartment community events, however, if the goal is to sell your community’s brand and features, an apartment ad campaign is the better choice.

Apartment Social Ad Campaigns

Similar to boosted posts, apartment Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns allow you to show your community’s brand to people who don’t currently “like” your community page. In addition, with an ad campaign, you can promote your strongest selling points, feature your best images of the community, and include a call-to-action button that drives interested renters to your apartment website. Apartment social ad campaigns permit a variety of goals, including options to show contact forms in the Facebook and Instagram feeds of your interested renters. This facilitates seamless conversion through the social media site they are already scrolling.

What Works Better – Boosted Posts or Ad Campaigns?

Typically, apartment social ad campaigns are significantly more successful than boosted posts because ad campaigns yield much stronger results. Specifically, the limitations associated with boosted posts – most notably lack of creativity, placement, and targeting options – are what lead to poor results in comparison to social ad campaigns. Social ad campaigns also enable you to use different objectives, so you can focus on website traffic, apartment lead generation, Facebook page likes, and even Facebook messenger conversations. Furthermore, the results with apartment social ad campaigns are more sustainable and consistent since boosted posts are designed to run only for short periods of time. Bottom line: While apartment boosted posts can be beneficial for gaining exposure about community happenings, social advertising campaigns are the best option to help sell your apartment community.


Apartment social media advertising is more effective than boosted posts at generating qualified apartment leads and gaining additional exposure for your community. However, without proper execution, it is easy to spend inefficiently – you won’t see the return on your apartment advertising spend you are looking for. Respage specializes in social media advertising for apartment communities, utilizing proven strategies for all forms of social media ad campaigns that we have developed through years of running Multifamily ad campaigns. Trust our Multifamily expertise, reach out to us to learn how we can help you get more apartment leads.



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