Branded vs. Non-branded Google Ads Keywords


Getting an exceptional return on your apartment Google Ads PPC investment requires informed planning and expert management. Without this, there will be inefficiencies that will limit the effectiveness of your apartment ad campaigns. Anytime Google Ads ROI is being evaluated, it is crucial to consider the targeting of the campaign and who the ads are being shown to. Whether or not your apartment PPC campaign focuses on branded terms will severely change results and return.

What is branded targeting and why should you steer away from it?

Branded targeting is the practice of bidding on terms related to the community’s name. Bidding on these branded terms will lead to sky-high conversion rates and apartment lead numbers from your Google Ads campaigns. The traffic on the variations of your community name will be some of the highest quality coming to your apartment website. These clicks will be people actively seeking out your community who are already familiar with your apartment brand. Often, these clicks end up being current residents looking to submit a maintenance request, pay rent, or they could even be community employees. An apartment community should already rank very high organically on the first page with terms based around the building’s name. Actively bidding on these terms leads to paying for apartment website traffic you otherwise would not have to pay for, while giving the illusion that your Google Ads are providing a great return for you.

When does it make sense to bid on branded terms?

The focus of all multifamily Google Ads campaigns should be on non-branded traffic. This will attract new apartment leads from potential renters searching for terms like “apartments near me”, “apartments in Philadelphia”, etc. It will give the clearest ROI to evaluate the effectiveness of your apartment Google Ads investment. However, there are times when bidding on branded terms is necessary. If you are having issues with competitor communities actively bidding on your apartment community name to steal your traffic, you will want to run some ads to solidify these searches. If properly set up, you should get to the top advertising spot for a fraction of your budget. Keep in mind, it is important to note the time when branded terms are added to the ad campaign, as results moving forward will be skewed. Your apartment ad campaign performance will look significantly better with any volume of branded traffic being involved. 


Branded terms can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your Google advertising and overall apartment marketing efforts. If your campaign is actively bidding on branded terms, you should carefully consider whether or not this is necessary. Respage has a time-tested model of avoiding branded terms and monitoring for issues with competition. Our focus on non-branded terms allows communities to maximize the return on their apartment Google Ads investment. Talk to us to learn more about Respage apartment PPC marketing.


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