AI in Multifamily: Screening Rental Prospects and Improving Reputation with Artificial Intelligence


Let’s face it: There are some jobs we’d rather not do.

Unfortunately the realities of running an apartment community, or multiple apartment communities, dictate that we need to complete several mundane tasks each day if we want our communities to thrive.

We need to talk to prospects who may not be qualified to live in our communities. We need to maintain our online reputations and solicit reviews from our residents. The list goes on…

But what if you were to learn many of these tasks could be performed by artificial intelligence, rather than by you or your staff? Would it save you time? Resources? Headaches?


That’s why we’re highlighting two new multifamily marketing tools powered by artificial intelligence that are sure to save time, boost  efficiency, and simply make your job easier. Check them out below:

Chatbots with Human Handoff Abilities

There’s no denying that chatbots now play a massive role in apartment marketing.

The Respage Chatbot made quite a splash when it debuted roughly two and a half years ago in May 2016. Apartment marketing pros were simply blown away by the bot’s ability to understand and respond to prospect inquiries around the clock without any help from humans. And those who installed the bot on their own websites were even more giddy about the results it gave them in terms of lead generation and general user experience.

But even with all its talent, the bot wasn’t perfect. It could answer questions about pet policies, floor plans, amenities – pretty much anything you could think of regarding its designated apartment community, but the occasional more complex question could still throw it through a loop.

In such circumstances, the conversation transcript could be saved and sent to the community manager for inspection so that he or she could contact the prospect at a later date or time. And while this was a nice solution to the bots limits, it could still use improvement.

The latest human-handoff feature upgrade to the bot is the manifestation of that improvement.

With human handoff, the bot can now push prospects to human representatives in real time. This essentially works like an assist, where the bot works to field inquiries and take care of the busy work and if a human is needed, passing the ball to human staff.

The feature does not only save you and your staff time by screening relevant prospects and helping people with general information. It also helps to improve website experience for your users, giving them near instant access to your human staff when the time is right.

Review Solicitation Tool

If there’s one thing about apartment reputation management that you hate more than responding to reviews, it’s probably soliciting reviews.

Nobody likes asking a resident to leave a review after a positive experience. In ways, it feels like it cheapens whatever act you carried out in the first place. It’s almost equivalent to a waiter in a restaurant asking for a tip.

Luckily this is yet another problem we can solve through artificial intelligence, and the newest Review Solicitation Tool from Respage does just that.

The Respage Review Solicitation Tool lives on your website and uses portal usage patterns to distinguish residents from non-residents. Once it has identified a resident, it asks him or her if they’d like to rate the property.

Here’s where it gets interesting: This smart automated process will result in more reviews overall (not only when someone is angry) and will improve your star ratings on your sites that need it most.

The end result is that the AI helps to improve your public online reputation, while also privately feeding you ideas for what aspects of your community need improvement.

It’s a win-win.

More on Artificial Intelligence in Multifamily

For more information about artificial intelligence and how it’s making work easier for multifamily professionals, check out other articles on our blog or visit our chatbot page.


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