Apartment Chatbot + Live Chat

Automatically Answer Prospect Questions. Improve Lead Conversion Rate.

Be available

Instantly and automatically answer prospect questions

Convert more website visitors to leads

Save onsite staff time

Today’s renters value speed and efficiency. Apartment chatbots help property management companies offer an always-on solution that answers apartment questions instantly. Respage’s Chatbot converts more prospects into qualified leads and saves staff time.

Why Respage Multifamily Chatbot?

The most sophisticated multifamily chatbot.
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). 57% of Chatbot users start with a typed question, which requires NLP to work. Chatbot can answer more questions than bots with guided responses.
  • Unlike other chatbots, our Chatbot reports actual converted leases, not projected ones. Leases can be tracked back to specific leads and conversations.
  • The smartest chatbot in the industry. The Respage Chatbot has been trained since 2017 on millions of conversations and gets smarter with each conversation it has.
  • Seamless human handoff. When prospect want to speak with a live agent, Chatbot can seamlessly transfer them to property management staff.
  • Highly customizable. We have built the Respage Chatbot to be flexible and adapt to individual property needs and preferences.
  • Lead nurturing. Only Respage’s Chatbot has a lead nurturing option and can follow up with prospects until they apply.

Chatbot + Live Chat

While apartment chatbots are more popular than ever before, sometimes a live person is what’s needed to fully satisfy the prospect. Respage Chatbot offers a seamless and lightning-fast human handoff option.

Why Respage Multifamily Chatbot?

Chatbot + Live Chat = the best of both worlds
  • Chatbot answers the vast majority of prospect inquiries, leaving Live Chat available for more complex inquiries.
  • Harmonizes AI and real-life office teams through a simple dashboard that notifies staff whenever Chatbot users request Live Chat
  • Office teams are given full control of Chatbot conversations, as well as transcripts that help make the transition seamless

Meet prospects and residents where they are by letting them choose which medium they are most comfortable with:




Provides availability 24/7 to answer questions, capture information, schedule virtual tours and more​

+ Live Chat

Chatbot + Live Chat

Allows users to switch from a Chatbot conversation to a live conversation seamlessly​

Live Chat

Live Chat

Lets prospects and residents skip the Chatbot entirely and go directly to Live Chat​

Why Use Respage?

We show you results.

Distinctive Features of the Respage Multifamily Chatbot

  • Can answer pre-defined or custom questions
  • Offers, schedules, and confirms tours
  • Shares alternative touring options, including Virtual Touring
  • Lead nurturing. Follow up with prospects until they apply.
  • Cross-sells your communities
  • Keeps a waitlist when properties are full
  • Notifications feature – use for emergency messages or to link to documents
  • Includes Signup resident event management and amenity scheduling tool
  • Supports text messaging
  • Allows customization of answers to questions
  • Integrates with your property management platforms
  • Dynamic lead tracking & live dashboard
  • URL available to place bot on numerous sites, including Google My Business and Facebook
  • Fully customizable and brandable
  • Intent-based & engaging conversation flow
  • Bi-lingual – can answer questions in Spanish
  • Accessible/ADA compliant
  • Answers resident questions
  • Shares rich media files

Distinctive Features of the Respage Multifamily Chatbot + Live Chat

  • All classic Respage Chatbot features
  • Seamless transition from Chatbot to Live Chat
  • Robust answer modules that deliver information, floor plans, photos & more with a single click
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Toggle on/off based on staff availability
  • Live Chat on/off toggle switch
  • Toggle on/off based on staff availability
  • Real-time chat request & message notifications
  • Mobile-enabled for Live Chat agents
  • Intuitive chat interface