ResMate: The First Fully Omni-Channel Leasing Automation Solution In Multifamily


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An email sitting in your inbox on Monday morning. A phone call at 2:00 AM. A lead passed on from an ILS site. Until now you needed multiple solutions, working piecemeal, to automate lead followup for those different channels.

No longer. Today, you can use a single solution for nearly ALL your inbound leads, because ResMate now answers phone calls in addition to replying to emails, chat, text, and ILS leads.

Introducing ResMate Voice: Automate Phone Response And Lead Nurturing From Inbound Calls.

How many calls are you getting after-hours? For most property management companies, more than half of inquiries come in after 5:00 PM. Few leave voicemails.

Getting those prospects “hooked” means answering when they call, and on their timetable. They are never going to be more interested than the moment they pick up the phone. Drawing on millions of prior leasing conversations, ResMate automatically answers phone calls 24/7, accurately responds to questions, schedules tours, and follows up via text afterwards. 

(It also filters out any unqualified prospects).

Instant Call Response = More Tours, Faster.

People aren’t waiting days for you to get back to them anymore. Most callers will want a call back in a few hours… or they’re gone. ResMate never misses a call in the first place.

Maybe that’s why the median time it takes for ResMate to schedule a tour with new prospects is just 5 minutes. That’s across all communication channels and all customer installations. ResMate’s instant response and 24/7 availability enables it to outperform expensive call centers and most human agents.

Still want that human touch during office hours? ResMate Voice can also be set up so it’s only active when your leasing team is out of the office. Plus, it can be set up with ANY phone system that can forward a call.

Email. Voice. Chat. Text. ILS. A Single Seamless System With Full Lead Nurturing.

With the addition of Voice, ResMate can address every inbound lead. Short of placing an actual robot in your office, this is as comprehensive as lead automation gets.

A screenshot of a recorded interaction between a prospective resident and ResMate Voice

No matter how a prospect enters a system, the interaction is recorded, logged in the dashboard, and entered into a dynamic followup process. All the analytics, interactions, and reporting are in a single location, no matter whether they started as a phone call or an email. You will always be able to track a lease back to that first interaction.

ResMate offers you a single omni-channel solution to handle all your lead nurturing, tour scheduling, and follow up.

It’s Time To Stop Stressing About Leasing.

The leasing process doesn’t need to be frustrating for your prospects. Someone should answer every inquiry and follow up… but your team doesn’t need to be the ones to do it.

Imagine if they could spend that time preparing for and leading amazing tours or improving the experience of the people already living in your community. 

Contact us today for a demo of ResMate to see how different the next year could look with full omni-channel leasing automation.


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