ResMate adds Resident Chatbot, improves resident communication options


From leasing agents juggling tours, inquiries, and paperwork, to a flurry of maintenance professionals and vendors—a leasing office is often a hive of activity. Now add a nagging, persistent ringing as residents call the office to ask the same routine question for the umpteenth time.

It’s enough to make anybody’s head spin.

Amidst this chaos, the need for efficient and effective resident communication becomes glaringly obvious. Enter ResMate’s new Resident Chatbot, a new communication channel designed to alleviate the burden on your staff and streamline resident interactions. Here’s how:

Enhance resident communication with ResMate’s new resident chatbot

Answering resident questions can be time-consuming (and exhausting). How many times have you answered the same question about trash pickup, rent payments, or amenity hours? TOO MANY! With Respage’s new Resident Chatbot, community members can get instant responses to their questions without tying up the office phone line. 

Like your property’s own friendly concierge for residents, ResMate Resident Chatbot can provide residents instant responses or suggestions without needing to speak to a team member. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the Resident Chatbot ensures they always have access to the information they need. 

Easy access on your website: The Resident Chatbot seamlessly integrates into the property website’s ResMate chat window. Simply type ‘resident’ in the web chat or select the ‘current resident’ button in the top right corner. You can also post QR codes, or send direct links to access your property’s Resident Chatbot.

Responses are 100% customizable: Responses are tailored based on your property’s unique situation and preferences. Customize responses to send important links, updates on ongoing projects, and other notifications. The Resident Chatbot’s ability to deliver custom messaging enhances engagement and helps foster a more connected and informed community. 

Improved resident experience: Residents appreciate the convenience and speed of getting instant answers to their questions without having to wait for office hours or staff availability. Chats are kept anonymous for residents’ privacy, though a transcript of each chat is available in the Respage dashboard to provide insights on common resident concerns and areas of improvement. 

Streamline property management: The Resident Chatbot allows your onsite team to focus on more complex tasks and personalized resident interactions, as opposed to answering the same question about trash pickup over and over. 

Discover how the ResMate Resident Chatbot can transform your property management by meeting residents’ needs promptly and effectively. It’s a simple, efficient way to elevate your service, streamline operations, and create a more satisfying living experience for your community members.

ResMate = Leasing Agent’s BFF

With ResMate’s exceptional people skills and ability to instantly respond to any prospect or resident inquiry, leasing agents have more time to focus on customer service, operational efficiency, and of course, signing more leases. 

Even better: ResMate is always learning new skills and functionality to improve the prospect, resident, and leasing agent experience. ResMate’s new Resident Chatbot function joins a long list of recent enhancements to our Smart Leasing Platform that make it easier to manage custom communication with residents, and improve engagement and retention across your communities. 

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