ResMate™ AI Leasing Agent

Automate Lead Nurturing, Convert More Leads Into Leases, Save Staff Time

Reply instantly to prospects

Book & complete more tours

Improve lead conversion rates

Dramatically shorten lead-to-application time

Save leasing staff time

Introducing ResMate

ResMate™ is an AI leasing agent that accelerates and improves leasing results by automatically and accurately answering all your leasing inquiries, scheduling tours, and automating all prospect follow up until they apply. Only ResMate is truly omnichannel. It can reply to contact form submissions from ILSs or your website, emails, texts, phone, and chat sessions. ResMate makes the busy leasing season more manageable, especially for understaffed onsite teams. Sign up for a free pilot of our AI leasing assistant.

ResMate Chatbot sitting at a desk

Why ResMate?

  • Automates End-to-End Lead Nurturing ResMate automatically follows up with apartment prospects at every step of the leasing journey, from first contact to application. It answers prospect questions, schedules tours, and follows up throughout the process, responding in real time.
  • Improves Accuracy, Consistency & Response Times ResMate uses Natural Language Processing which allows it to accurately understand and answer questions. It gives prospects the instant answers they want and lets them schedule tours with confidence. ResMate pays for itself right away by lowering your occupancy loss. The average time from first touch to application request is under 5 days across all ResMate customers!
  • Knows When It Needs Human Help ResMate is smart but knows its limitations. When it gets stuck, or if the apartment prospect requests a human, it seamlessly transfers the conversation to your leasing team.

Why Use Respage?

Results You Can Expect

  • No missed prospect follow up
  • Instant response times
  • More booked & completed tours
  • Improved apartment lead to tour conversion rates
  • Drastically shorter lead-to-application time
  • Time savings for leasing agents
  • Better prospect experience

Distinctive Features of ResMate Smart Leasing Agent

  • Cross selling. ResMate can refer prospects to nearby communities when a unit type is full
  • Wait list. Enable a waitlist and notify prospects when apartments are available. Perfect to manage pre-leasing of new construction or other requests for future availability
  • Omnichannel. Only ResMate supports chat, email, text, and phone communication using our own proprietary technology
  • Easy to Implement & No Training Required: Comes with everything required to start using immediately, including content, templates & a pre-installed follow-up schedule
  • Customizable: Persona, content, templates, follow-up schedule, tagging & tour scheduler are all customizable
  • Built on Years of NLP Training: An extension of the Respage Chatbot, the industry’s first AI chatbot – built by Multifamily experts & trained on millions of conversations since 2017
  • Best in the Business Customer Support: Personal & hands-on implementation and change management support is included and by an expert team that has been supporting the multifamily industry for 20 years.

Case Study

Metropolitan Management

“Katie (our ResMate AI leasing assistant) made getting through this leasing season manageable.  Not only are we 97% leased for the first time in years, we were able to turn off our Google advertising! Using ResMate has been a real game changer for us.”