ResMate adds no-show & cold lead re-engagement, new Maintenance Tech report


Making the most of your current leads is more important than ever, but oftentimes tasks like following up after a missed tour appointment, or re-engaging cold leads can fall to the back burner as onsite teams focus on more immediate responsibilities. 

That’s where ResMate steps in. 

ResMate AI leasing assistant has added a few more tricks up its sleeve, automating more follow-up responses to improve conversions, and turn cold leads into signed leases.

Plus, a new Maintenance Tech Report has been added to the Respage Survey platform to give managers insight on how the maintenance team is performing.

Here’s a look at what’s new: 

Automate no-show follow-up

Imagine this: You’ve just been ghosted by another no-show tour appointment. You walk back to your desk to send a follow-up email to reschedule. But before you can even sit down, the phone begins to ring. You answer the phone, handle a crisis, and go about your day. Never realizing you forgot to send that follow-up message… Sound familiar?

We get it. Onsite teams are often too busy or understaffed, leaving small tasks like follow-up messages to be tackled another day. 

But what if you could automate a no-show follow-up email with a single click? 

Enter ResMate. 

In ResMate’s new no-show follow-up email sequence, once a prospect is marked as a ‘no-show’ in the ResMate dashboard, a custom message is automatically sent to encourage the prospect to reschedule their tour, ensuring you never forget to send that follow-up email. 

The email templates available in the Respage dashboard make it easy for properties to craft a sequence of up to five follow-up emails, customized to their community’s brand and tone.

Turn cold leads into signed leases

Is there anything better than reaching into the pocket of an old jacket and finding money? Well, like that forgotten $20, your cold leads are cash waiting to be discovered. 

By re-engaging cold leads with ResMate’s custom cold lead sequences, you reinvigorate interest in your property that could turn your old prospects into new residents. 

All without spending a cent of your marketing budget.

Now in the ResMate dashboard, users can set a customizable email sequence of up to five messages to re-engage prospects after they have been inactive or ‘cold’ for a certain period of time. By selecting 1, 3, 5, or 9 months, the property controls when the first re-engagement email will be sent out, and any remaining emails in the sequence can be set to send in days following the initial email.  

New Maintenance Technician Report dashboard

Maintenance can be a huge driver of resident retention. In fact, a recent NMHC study found that more than 30% of renters stated that maintenance is a major factor in their decision to leave a community. 

Using a resident satisfaction survey following a completed work order or maintenance request is a great way to show residents that you care. With improvements to the Respage Surveys platform, properties can now view a maintenance technician report based on completed work order surveys. 

This new report provides an overview of technician scores based on survey responses, and a log of all completed work orders. This at-a-glance view is an easy way for managers to review staff interactions with residents, and gain a better understanding of team performance. 

We’re always improving. What’s next?

As we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings, ResMate remains dedicated to simplifying the leasing process and empowering property managers to maximize their lead conversion rates. 

Are you ready to revolutionize your leasing process and boost your property’s performance? Schedule a demo to learn more.


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