Improved review response oversight, enhanced email segmentation now available


We’re starting off 2024 with a 💥 bang by introducing new tools to the Respage platform to improve the reputation management experience, and enhance communication with your prospects and residents with bulk communication and email segmentation.  

These platform improvements are just the beginning as we work to reinvent the renting experience in 2024. 

Here’s a look at what’s new: 

Keep a pulse on your community reputation with flagged keywords & more admin permissions for review response approval

Safeguarding the reputation of a property is no easy task, which is why we’ve introduced new features to make it easier to flag and evaluate reviews and responses that are most important to your property group. 

In the Respage Reputation Management dashboard users can now flag certain keywords or phrases that appear in reviews, which will automatically redirect through an approval process so property teams can monitor and weigh-in on reviews and situations as needed. 

This new feature flags specific keywords for individual properties, and portfolio wide, providing greater transparency at all levels of the property group.      

Additionally, property administrators can assign authorization tasks to a “flagged approver” to ensure any flagged review responses are approved by appropriate managers. This function is perfect for larger corporate accounts who want higher-level control regarding responses for specific issues or topics.

Reputation users will also notice a new notification on the dashboard, indicating any new pending or denied review responses for a specific client, property, date range, and site filters. 

Bulk communication & email segmentation now available in the Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM

Email segmentation is crucial for apartment marketing, especially for communities hoping to improve their resident engagement, and increase their lead-to-lease conversions.

By targeting prospects and residents based on unit-type interests, statuses, and other criteria, properties can deliver relevant, personalized, and timely information which can ultimately contribute to stronger community engagement and more signed leases. 

The new bulk email feature of the Smart Leasing Platform works the same as any other email marketing platform, allowing users to create an email, segment their audience, and send or schedule emails for a later date. 

But it’s the smart part of the Smart Leasing Platform that makes this improvement truly great. 

With the data provided via the Respage platform from ResMate, the Resident Happiness Score, lease status, and other criteria, leasing agents can send bulk communications tailored specifically to residents and prospects. All segments are customizable, creating endless options for leasing teams to improve their communications (and save a ton of time along the way). 

For example, leasing agents can segment prospects who inquired on a specific platform, like Facebook Messenger, and further segment to send communications to leads who are interested in specific unit types, or those who are looking to move in within a specific time period.

Leasing agents can also track opens, clicks, and bounces for each email on the bulk communications page, and can view open, click, and bounce rates for individuals in their activity timeline. This allows users to analyze and understand which messages are resonating with prospects and residents to further improve their communications and marketing efforts. 

New Agent Reporting dashboard provides deeper look into individual performance & engagement

It’s no secret that we love automation here at Respage. In fact, last year we released the first multifamily CRM with the ability to automate up to 95% of daily workflows. However, many leasing teams still want the ability to track agent performance, set goals, and optimize talent and resources based on measurable data, which is why we built a new Agent Reporting dashboard within the Smart Leasing Platform. 

Users will still be able to automate much of their daily workflows, but the new Agent Reporting dashboard will surface metrics to give insight on what actions leasing agents are taking in the system, and how effective they are at bringing new prospects from tour to application, response rates, and more. 

The dashboard surfaces tour to lease, and tour to application conversion rates for individual leasing agents, plus calculates the median response time, tabs messages read and emails/SMS messages sent, counts issues resolved, tours created and completed, and records the last time the agent logged into the dashboard. 

By analyzing these leasing agent reports, management can set realistic goals and track progress, allocate tasks based on agent strengths to yield the best results, identify training needs, and ultimately enhance the resident and prospect experience. 

We’re just getting started

We have a lot of exciting new features coming your way in 2024 as we continue to improve our all-in-one marketing & AI leasing platform, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

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