Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM: frequently asked questions


The Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM is the industry’s first set-it-and-forget-it CRM powered by artificial intelligence to automate prospect and resident communication, streamline social media and reputation management, and so much more. 

It’s a simple system that packs a punch—but we know you have questions. Continue reading for all of the answers about the new Smart Leasing Platform

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What is a CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management software, is a platform for managing client info, correspondences, data, and insights, and typically provides streamlined workflows and automations. What kind of data is available in a CRM is dependent on the industry. For multifamily, data such as prospect interest, resident behaviors, and task management are important metrics to track. A good CRM will make office workloads feel lighter.

What is the Smart Leasing Platform, and how is it different from a traditional CRM?

The Respage Smart Leasing Platform (SLP) is a smarter, simpler version of your traditional CRM, and was built with artificial intelligence to automate more of the leasing process. Many CRMs are stuffed with underutilized features, manual workflows, and unable to accommodate centralized leasing models and affordable communities. But the Smart Leasing Platform is easy to use, intuitive, and was designed to work in today’s AI-driven leasing environment.

What unique features does the Smart Leasing Platform offer?

Powered by ResMate, the industry’s most comprehensive AI leasing assistant, the Smart Leasing Platform provides AI-driven data and insights to help make informed decisions, and offers the most automation of any multifamily CRM on the market. With the Smart Leasing Platform you can automate up to 95% of your workflows, and let ResMate handle prospect inquiries across multiple channels, like web chat, text, email, ILS, Google Business Profile, and Facebook Messenger. The Smart Leasing Platform also helps teams predict resident renewal with 78% accuracy, and seamlessly connects to other Respage AI solutions to do things like automate social posts and more.

What kind of automation is typically used in a CRM?

Follow-ups, quick responses, and communications on various channels like email and text are automations you will typically find in a multifamily CRM. With the Smart Leasing Platform we take it one step further by offering automated nurturing for prospects, tour bookings and reminders, a centralized leasing calendar, resident management and happiness scores, and predictive analytics.

What powers the Smart Leasing Platform automation?

Artificial intelligence with natural language processing is the brains behind the SLP operation. Continuous training helps the software gather knowledge to improve its accuracy, efficiency, and predictive analytics. This model allows AI leasing assistants like ResMate to interact with prospects naturally and continue to learn from each conversation. With this technology 100% of prospect inquiries are handled by AI through the Smart Leasing Platform, and up to 95% of your workflows can be automated.

What is the biggest benefit of the Smart Leasing Platform?

The Smart Leasing Platform will be an immense time-saver for busy leasing teams. Powered by industry-leading AI, the Smart Leasing Platform aims to cut down on the time it takes to get prospects through the funnel and sign leases. With automation at the forefront, the Smart Leasing Platform was designed to be a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of platform, and triggers the onsite team to step in only when needed. Additionally, the Smart Leasing Platform analyzes resident interactions and provides actionable insights and renewal predictions (currently with 78% accuracy) to help your team make smarter decisions.

Can the Smart Leasing Platform integrate with Property Management Software?

The Smart Leasing Platform integrates with most major property management software including AMSI, Entrata, MRI, RealPage, Rent Manager, ResMan, and Yardi.

How can the Smart Leasing Platform benefit affordable housing communities?

Affordable housing communities have unique needs to best serve their prospects and residents. With this in mind, we partnered with The Michaels Organization, the nation’s largest private sector owner of affordable housing, to build a solution that would work for affordable housing communities. With the Smart Leasing Platform, ResMate takes care of all prospect inquiries, which has been an incredible time saver for affordable teams. Additionally, 95% of TMO’s workflows are automated, and they are able to customize nurturing campaigns to better fit their unique needs.

Here’s what Brandon Hegland, TMO’s Vice President of National Marketing and Leasing, had to say about the Smart Leasing Platform: 

“The Respage Smart Leasing Platform has been a game-changer for The Michaels Organization. Its intuitive interface and powerful AI-driven features have streamlined our leasing processes, leading to increased efficiency and significantly reducing the number of messages and calls our staff has to personally manage. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Respage and exploring the future innovations they have in store.”

Can the Smart Leasing Platform expedite a centralized leasing process?

The Smart Leasing Platform has a number of features that will help centralized teams work more efficiently across multiple properties. Included in the Smart Leasing Platform is our Centralized Leasing Calendar, which combines multiple property calendars into one and helps team members manage their time between tours. This calendar helps to streamline centralized offices, enabling them to operate across multiple properties with the confidence of knowing their schedule is accurate and attainable. The Smart Leasing Platform is also equipped with ResMate, which will automatically cross-sell to sister properties if a prospect inquires at a community without any vacancies. This helps to ensure occupancy rates across regions and portfolios remain high, and provides the best customer service to prospects searching for their new home.

What is the Resident Happiness Score?

The Resident Happiness Score is a predictive model seven years in the making. Built based on actual people and their journeys, the Resident Happiness Score takes into account things like communications, survey responses, and amenity usage to analyze and predict that resident’s likelihood of renewal currently with 78% accuracy.

How much does the Smart Leasing Platform cost? What other packages are available?

The Smart Leasing Platform is a free feature available to all ResMate customers. If you want more ways to simplify prospect and resident management with the power of AI, the Respage Gold Package includes everything you need to dominate property management for one affordable price. The bundle includes ResMate and the Smart Leasing Platform, plus full service social and reputation management, AI Social Posts, resident surveys, Review Booster, and amenity scheduling. Check out our savings calculator to find out how much your property could save by bundling our more popular features. 

What if I already have a CRM?

No problem! We can easily import resident information from your existing CRM. Data like residents name, phone number, unit, and leasing information will be automatically imported into the Smart Leasing Platform.

How do I know if the Smart Leasing Platform is right for me?

Only one way to find out! Send our team a message to schedule a demo today.


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