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TikTok was a massively popular social platform before the pandemic, topping the “most downloaded” charts for months at a time since 2018. Now, following more than two years of lockdowns, social distancing and remote work, TikTok has surpassed 1 billion active users.

Once viewed as a “Generation Z thing,” Millennials are now embracing the app. About a quarter of TikTok users are between 20 and 29 years old, a coveted group for just about any brand, including apartment communities.

Thinking of adding TikTok to your Apartment Marketing Strategy? Here are two great reasons do it:

  1. The demographics of TikTok users and apartment residents have some overlap, which means that TikTok could be a powerful way for apartment marketers to reach prospects where they are.


  2. Multifamily has been slow to jump on the TikTok train, so you could set your apartment community apart by embracing it.


TikTok’s short, user-generated videos, which have built-in filters, effects and music, tend to be lighthearted and fun. While you could keep it simple by promoting your apartments in a straightforward manner, why not mix it up with some fun stuff, too?

We’ve written before about how multifamily can leverage TikTok for apartment marketing.

In this post, we’re presenting eight apartment marketing content ideas for your apartment community’s TikTok account. With a little creativity, you could grab the attention of users who might then become your new residents!

1. Flip the Switch With a Twist

For this video, use the song “Nonstop” by Drake, which has a lyric, “I just flipped a switch.”

Start with a sweeping video of a room in an empty apartment. When it gets to that part of the song, switch to a sweeping view of the same apartment, only decorated. The original concept involves people switching places and has been replicated by millions of people worldwide.

2. Film a Sitcom Intro

TikTok’s vast music library includes sitcom themes, which makes it easy to shoot a video inspired by a show like The Office.

Film your team members doing things around your community, like opening the leasing office door and waving, stepping off the elevator, and vacuuming. Add text identifying each team member just like a television show does for actors.

3. Do a Resident Takeover

Find out if any of your residents are active (and have a following) on TikTok and ask them to take over your apartment community’s account for a day. You can set some parameters to keep it consistent with your brand, then let them run with it. Sweeten the deal by offering perks, like a premium parking spot for free, in exchange for their content.

4. Try Some Apartment-Centric Challenges

TikTok challenges combine text, sound and movement and can be done alone or with a group. There are many that would work well for an apartment community team.

The #FridgeChallenge, for example, involves people pulling odd things from their refrigerator, like books, skateboards and musical instruments.

The #WipeitDownChallenge is another easy one. It begins with someone wearing one outfit as they wipe down a mirror, then as they continue wiping, they appear in a new outfit. 

@mykenna LOL when in quarantine #fridgechallenge #quickrecipes #sidehustle @chaneljacklyn @sydneycolton13 @tarynpedersen @emmiwass ♬ original sound - Jill
@capitolview Our apartments are ready for you to make them your Home #wipeitdown #home #capitolviewapartments ♬ #WIPEITDOWN - BMW KENNY

5. Sanitize in Style

This takes a playful look at our current reality.

First, get some cleaning spray and a rag. Then have one of your team members spray down areas of your apartment community like doorknobs and handrails, while dancing and lip syncing to the song “Pew Pew Pew” by Auntie Hammie. Make it more fun by adding special effects!

6. Involve the Pets

Get your resident cats and dogs in on the TikTok action by trying the #LevelUpChallenge, where you line up some toilet paper rolls in a hallway and encourage the pet to jump over them. Continue adding to the wall of rolls to see if they can jump higher.

You can have residents try the challenge or “borrow” a pet and film in the leasing office. This would make a great contest for residents, too, and there could be a prize for the pet that can clear the tallest wall of rolls.

7. Show Off a “Super Lonely” Apartment

TikTok is all about dance challenges. The #SupalonelyChallenge involves a set of dance moves done to the song of the same name by singer Benee. Find some team members who know the choreography (or are willing to learn!) and film them performing in a vacant — or a “super lonely” — apartment that’s waiting for its new residents.

This could also work for a new build or a lease-up property!

8. Things that “Just Make Sense” in Your Apartments

A recent trend features TikTok users showing off features of their homes that “just make sense.” Some of these are snarky and highlight things that definitely do not make sense. Others are ironic and show off random things that don’t make much sense (we’re looking at you, rose gold quesadilla maker.)

Instead, take an apartment marketing angle and point out apartment unit and community features that actually do make sense, like smart thermostats and valet trash. Bonus points for highlighting features unique to your community.


Things in my apartment that just make sense 💅🏾✨

♬ Che La Luna - Louis Prima

Most importantly, have fun!

Keep in mind that TikTok is a fun platform, so have fun with it! You can house your classic apartment tour videos on your apartment website and think of TikTok as a creative addition to your existing apartment marketing strategy.

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