Facebook and Instagram are Crucial Platforms for Apartment Communities In 2019


While Facebook remains the most-used social media platform for apartment communities, Instagram use is surging, according to the results of a Multifamily Insiders survey of 98 apartment professionals.

In fact, Instagram use has jumped by 39 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. During the same period, the use of Facebook increased by 26 percent.

When it comes to advertising, Instagram has experienced tremendous growth in the last two years. The survey shows that only 7 percent of survey responders advertised on Instagram in 2016, but that number rose to 41 percent in 2018.

In comparison, Facebook advertising has remained in the same general ballpark for the last two years: 82 percent of responders advertised on this platform in 2016, followed by 92 in 2017, and 87 in 2018.

Facebook presence continues to be important to the bottom line, with 86 percent of responders indicating that it resulted in a lease in 2018. Twenty-four percent said Instagram led to a lease this year.

Social Media For Apartments

Despite that, the primary goal of most apartment communities’ social media program isn’t prospect acquisition — only 12 percent of responders picked that answer in 2018 — it’s to increase visibility of the apartment community and company, according to the 44 percent who chose that response.

Property managers, marketing directors and social media managers are spending an average of nearly five hours per week monitoring and posting to social media for just one property, according to the survey.

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