Join Respage and Other Innovators at OPTECH18 with Keynote Speaker Melissa Schilling


Melissa Schilling—an NYU business professor and a keynote speaker at OPTECH 2018—could be considered the contemporary authority on Serial Breakthrough Innovators, or SBIs. From Marie Curie to Steve Jobs, SBIs are exactly what they sound like: people dedicated to constantly inventing and creating in groundbreaking ways.

Schilling writes about 10 Serial Breakthrough Innovators, including icons like Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, in her book Quirky. She explores the way that each bright mind worked and unearths a list of common quirks. Of course, each innovator was unusually intelligent—that’s a given. But they also shared certain personality traits that drove them to greatness.

These innovators all held themselves in very high esteem. They weren’t cocky, exactly, but rather unflinchingly confident in their ability to pioneer new science and technology. None of them feared failure, either. They simply accepted it as a step in the journey to success. They were always willing to take feedback, positive or negative, from those around them. And a shared sense of idealism fueled their mission to create a better world, whether that meant inventing the light bulb or building the entire Apple empire.

The team at Respage draws inspiration from these prolific inventors and strives to earn the SBI title, too. The Respage chatbot is a shining example of our own innovation. The AI-powered leasing agent makes use of cutting-edge technology to boost your business. We recently rolled out a new chatbot feature that takes it to the next level, the human hand-off option.

Human hand-off allows you to step into a chat conversation when a resident or potential resident requests human interaction. As long as a member of your team is logged into our dashboard and marked “online,” you’ll receive a notification that a resident would like to chat with you. Chatbot hands over the conversation to you seamlessly, which allows you to provide information directly to the person on the other end.

Learn more about our chatbot and our other innovative multifamily services here.


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