5 Tips That Help Apartment Management Companies Capture More Mobile Traffic


With Google’s newest mobile algorithm update running strong, we thought it would be a good idea to address some content marketing strategies specifically tailored to mobile devices. Here’s a quick look at five content marketing strategies for apartment management companies that want to capture more mobile traffic.

Grab Your User’s Attention

Headlines matter. Every marketing professional in every industry will tell you that phrasing and design make all the difference when it comes to grabbing attention. This isn’t just true with PPC campaigns and Click-Through-Rates. It applies to general content and bounce rates, as well.

Creating large, well-written headlines and headers will maximize the amount of time your audience spends on a page simply because it makes information easier to find. These headers also drive consumers to your call to action more quickly. And who doesn’t want that?

Forget Word Count

Over the years numerous digital marketers have published studies that claim longer articles receive higher listings in Google search. While it’s certainly true that such a correlation exists in some cases, diluting your articles with filler text in order to increase SEO value is an extremely bad idea.

Mobile audiences don’t have time to read a 1,500 word article about the local dog park. So deliver as many facts as you can, in a way that’s both convenient and interesting, and then wrap things up. Never use 100 words when you could have just used 10.

Limit Blocks of Text

Large blocks of text will intimidate your mobile audience, mostly due to the time-related reasons mentioned above. If a user lands on a page and is immediately confronted with a wall of text, that user is likely to abandon that page for a more visually stimulating alternative.

Fortunately, if you’re using headers correctly (as advised in the beginning of this article) and you keep your sentences short, it’s easy to avoid blocks of text. In the event that you have several paragraphs that all belong under the same header, you can always add an image to break things up.

Remember SEO 101

Mobile-friendly content isn’t all about visual formatting. Standard SEO practices should also be a major part of the strategy.

Remember to include keywords, where appropriate, and make sure your content is original. Tag all images and write concise meta descriptions for your pages. If your site’s URL structure is well-crafted, make sure you’re adding schema markup to identify breadcrumbs.

Deliver Your Message

Your website is the most critical component in your apartment marketing strategy. Optimize it as best as you can by delivering a message that stands out among everything else on the page.

While a call-to-action button that stretches the full width of the screen may seem a bit desperate and excessive on a laptop or desktop, it can actually look quite appealing on a mobile device. And thanks to media queries, it only takes a few lines of code to make all of your call to action buttons stand out on the small screen.

For more information about mobile content marketing strategies for the multifamily industry, contact a Respage representative.


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