8 TikTok Ideas for Apartment Marketing

Person using their smart phone to view Tik Tok

Thinking of adding add TikTok to your apartment marketing strategy? Check out these eight apartment marketing content ideas for your apartment community’s TikTok account…

Quickly Improve Your Twitter Strategy With These 3 Powerful Tips

Mastering Twitter’s engagement value is a great way to spread awareness about your apartment community. But given the platform’s character count limits, finding the right balance between engagement and brevity presents a challenge. A few months back, Eric Enge and the team from Stonetemple.com conducted a comprehensive study to figure out how marketers can make […]

Who Controls Your Facebook Page?

Admin, Editor, Moderator . . . sound like the same thing to you? According to Facebook, not quite. People you designate as Admins, Editors, Moderators, Advertisers, and Analysts have different levels of access to your business pages. Some are individual while others overlap. This chart breaks it down for you. Admin is the highest level, […]

Google Will Reportedly ‘Carve Up’ Google+

Know a dedicated Google+ user? We don't either. According to TechCrunch, Google is prepared to 'carve up' the failed social network and may integrate its features into existing Google products. That means Google+ will no longer compete with Facebook, but you'll probably see features like photos and Hangouts pop up elsewhere. Most Google+ employees are […]

New Twitter Profiles Are Here

Those new Twitter profiles we told you about? The ones that bear a striking resemblance to another social network? They're here. After months of testing and beta use by elite tweeters, the radical new look is now available to the masses. The changes include a larger font, bigger profile pictures and a wider cover image, […]

Facebook Is Watching You

Gone are the days when real-time tracking of another human being required an unmarked van, a satellite, and men in dark glasses. The launch of Facebook's "Nearby Friends" feature allows users to track their friends everywhere. The feature displays nearby friends on a map of the local area. It promises accuracy within half a mile […]

About Those LinkedIn Changes…

Noticed any changes to LinkedIn? As of April 14 your Products and Services pages are gone, along with customer recommendations on them. Deep (direct) links to the pages no longer work. Replacing them are Company Updates and Showcase Pages. Company Updates allow you to post general daily updates, and Showcase Pages are devoted to specific […]

Facebook Business Pages Get New Look & Features

Facebook pages have made some important — if mostly cosmetic — changes in the past few weeks. Business pages have a new look. Facebook promises that the changes, which apply exclusively to desktop users, will make information easier to find and admins more efficient. An important new feature allows admins to break down contributions by […]