20 marketing ideas to help your apartment go viral on TikTok


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The power and influence of TikTok marketing over social media is undeniable. 

What once started as an app associated with teenagers and dances has quickly skyrocketed in popularity to reach 80M monthly active users in the United States.

TikTok has become one of the most engaging social media platforms on the planet and the go-to place to find all kinds of entertainment and knowledge. Many brands and businesses from all industries have found success and even virality leveraging the platform’s popularity to connect with new audiences in a more engaging, creative, and authentic way – and marketing your multifamily communities should be no different!

Are you looking for creative TikTok marketing ideas for apartment communities, but you don’t know where to start? Are you unsure about what to post, or you are simply looking for a source of inspiration to spice up your marketing strategy? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

First, let’s discuss the benefits of marketing on TikTok, and what kind of content performs well on the platform.

Why should you begin TikTok marketing for your apartment?

Integrating TikTok into your social media marketing for apartment communities can be a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Engage with new audiences.
  • Get more exposure and consideration for your apartment listings. 
  • Give a unique voice to your brand.
  • Get feedback from customers/viewers. 
  • Advertise your products to targeted audiences. 
  • Have some fun while doing all the above. 

While TikTok marketing can include different tactics like working with influencers or TikTok ads, we’ll focus on organic/viral content for this blog post.

What type of video content performs well on TikTok?

Before we jump right into TikTok apartment marketing ideas, let’s talk about a fundamental piece that will be the backbone of your content: The Strategy. 

There are two critical keys to finding success on this platform that will be your north star on every piece of content that you produce:

  1. Authenticity 
    What truly sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms and the reason for its popularity is that it celebrates authenticity. In a recent study, Nielsen conducted 8,000 interviews with TikTok users to gather their thoughts about the app. The results of the study show that people go to TikTok to find content that is authentic, genuine, unfiltered, and trendsetting. This means that if you want to use TikTok to market your apartment you should avoid content that is overly produced, staged, or salesy because TikTok users would smell it from miles away, and it won’t perform well.

  2. Creating Valuable Content 
    To perform well and remain authentic on TikTok, you must offer some kind of value to the watcher. Here are the three main categories for valuable content:
    • Educational: Videos that help watchers solve challenges they might be struggling with or simply teaches them something they didn’t know before. 
    • Inspirational: Content that inspires watchers to do or feel something.   
    • Entertaining: Videos that are interesting or funny to watch. 

TikTok marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, TikTok viewers downplay salesy content. If we’re looking to create authentic and valuable content that teaches, inspires, or entertains, we need to look at the bigger picture. Ask ourselves what is the viewer trying to accomplish? And more importantly, what content can we create to help them get there successfully.

For marketing multifamily communities, the primary focus should be helping people through the process of finding, leasing, and living in their new apartment. 

We all know that finding a new place that feels like home can be a complicated multi-step process that includes searching for communities, contacting property managers to schedule tours, comparing properties, submitting applications and finally moving in/out. 

Taking all of those steps into consideration, the content strategy for marketing apartments on TikTok should be creating short videos with information that help viewers succeed in each stage of the apartment hunting process. This strategy will generate trust, and viewers will be more inclined to see what we have to offer. 

So, without further ado, let’s see some TikTok marketing ideas for apartment communities!

1. Share An Apartment Search Timeline

Whether apartment seekers are looking to move to a new place or even to a new city, knowing when they should start looking, and having a detailed timeline is crucial to securing an ideal unit. You can create a video (or even a whole series) discussing an apartment search timeline. Be sure to include details about how to structure the process, organize the search, get clarity on what type of unit will suit their needs, and when they should be contacting/applying for apartments.

@realpeytonyen Know you need to #rent, but don’t know how to start? A month is really all you need. #realestate #advice #nycapartments #fyp #learnedontiktok ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

2. Give Your Favorite Tips To Apartment Hunters

It’s no secret that looking for a new place to live can feel like an extra full-time job. As an expert in the industry, you can share your favorite tips with apartment hunters, like how and when to ask for lease specials or what brand of renters insurance you recommend. Any advice or hack that you can share is precious. Not only will viewers be very grateful for the handy information, they may even save or favorite the video for future reference. 

Here are two very different styles of how to share this:

@elliespiker 5. Don’t be rude!!! Leasing agents & locators don’t set the rent price #LaysGoldenDuet #fypシ #apartment #nashvilleapartments #chicagoapartments ♬ original sound - liamfawell
@shelbytangorra I was on vaycay but I’m back besties! to book, email me at showingsbyshelby@gmail.com 🤍 #apartment #apartmenttour #nyc #nycapartment #rent #nyclife ♬ original sound - Shelby Tangorra

3. Share common mistakes that you’ve seen apartment seekers make

Nobody likes making mistakes, especially when doing something as crucial as renting a new apartment. As an expert, you’ve likely seen it all. So share common errors or missed opportunities you’ve witnessed apartment seekers do, and what future renters can do to avoid those mistakes. This video can be a great way to showcase your experience and build trust for your company.

@atx.apartmentlocating #apartmenthuntingtip: seriously, you should only be touring if you are ready to sign. there are so many people looking at the same units as you and to ensure that you don’t miss out you have to be ready to apply that day! txt the number in my bio for one month free on this brand new unit. #atxrealestate #atxapartments #austinapartments #apartmenttour #apartmenthacks #tourwithme #austintx #apartmenthuntingtips ♬ original sound - Ricky & Lesly

4. Tips for moving into your city

Moving into a new city is exciting, but it can be daunting at the same time. Consider sharing tips for people looking in to move to your city. You can show your city’s different neighborhoods (especially market the ones where your apartment communities are 😉), advice about public transportation, and what people can generally expect from apartments in the city (big, small, old, or new).

5. Give FREE Apartment Tours!

Apartment Tours should be a must-have on your TikTok strategy, they are a great source of easy-to-make and entertaining video content. Who doesn’t stick around for an apartment tour? In fact, the hashtag #apartmenttour on TikTok has reached 1.8 billion views!

Giving a delightful sneak peek of your apartments is an excellent choice for showing what your multifamily building offers and can generate valuable leads. Consider making a series of the different floorplans and units that you have available.

You can also try different styles of videos, and play with the sound options on TikTok. You can experiment with just music and text, or try narration with either the text-to-speech function or narrate it yourself.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:

7. Advice On Moving Out / Moving In

Moving is probably one of the more tedious tasks after finding an apartment. Consider sharing valuable advice on how to move in/out successfully. You can talk about some general topics like: notifying your apartment management, what to look for when moving out, how to get your security deposit back, price estimates, how to pack/unpack your things, and what to avoid. 

You get the idea; a guide and best practices on how to move in/out painlessly shows that you care for your community. Also, you can re-utilize this content by sharing it with your current residents (which is a very thoughtful thing).

7. Apartment Hunting Red Flags

We all know that apartment hunting can be rough. There are many things to consider at once, and juggling all can feel overwhelming.

To help viewers with this, you can share apartment hunting red flags. Include what they should pay close attention to before signing a lease, or how to avoid being scammed on an apartment that is too good to be true. Sharing this type of content will position you/your company as knowledgeable and caring for people not getting scammed.

8. Advice About How Much Should You Pay For Rent?

One of the biggest questions when looking for a new apartment is how much can or should you spend on rent? We should all have more knowledge about personal finances, so sharing a little bit of math and general advice about the topic can be very helpful, especially for first-time movers. @hayleysurvivalguide makes a great series that she titles “Beginner’s Guide To Moving Out”, check it out.

@haileyssurvivalguide Beginners Guide: Moving Out! (Step 3: Where to live according to your budget!) #movingout #GrowUpWithMe #JingleJangleWithMe #FoodTikTok ♬ Lofi - Domknowz

9. Exciting Places Around The Neighborhood

This type of content takes viewers on an exciting exploration around the neighborhood where your community is located. This is an opportunity to not only show off small business and local charm, but it will entice viewers to check out your community if they love the local aesthetic.

This way, apartment seekers can picture themselves living there, and your current residents can discover new places.


New series!! Part of the reason we love our place so much is all the locally owned small businesses all with in walking distance - so excited to share and take ya’ll with us as we explore our neighborhood! 🌀

♬ Pines - Men I Trust

10. Give Tours Around The Amenities

If your multi-family buildings have some great amenities, it is time to show them off! Amenity tours are an ideal type of content for highlighting the whole package and promoting the benefits of your buildings. You can share a general tour of all the amenities in your community, and then produce individual videos to provide an in-depth view of each amenity (pool, gym, rooftop, etc).

Be sure to include other community benefits and events, like game nights, workout classes or BBQ’s – show off why people love to live in your community!

11. Spill The Tea And Share Good Advice

As an insider in the apartment industry, you have great insights to share with the TikTok community. TikTok viewers love to get an inside look into unique and interesting industries, and they love good advice.

For instance, you can explain why apartment prices can fluctuate, the best months for getting better deals when leasing, or the pros and cons of using certain apartment search websites. This way, you provide viewers with a better understanding of how the industry works. Information that they would otherwise not have access to.

12. Share A Before & After Of The Buildings

Do you have photos or videos of the apartment buildings during construction? Are you in the process of leasing up a new luxury space? Show it off on TikTok!

There’s something quite unique about before and after videos that are engaging to watch. You can create an entertaining video showing the construction process of the building, show off improvements and upgrades, or advertise a new space that will be available to rent soon.

13. Share Rental Promotions With The TikTok Community

Who doesn’t love a good deal? If you have a special promotion available for your available units, use TikTok to market your apartment it in a video tour. If it’s a limited-time offer, make sure to put that on the description of your TikTok for extra clarity and add how they should contact you if they are interested.

14. Give Details About Pet-Friendly Policies

1 in 3 renters has a pet. If your apartments are furry-friendly, you can share details about the pet policy in an FAQ video. Be sure to include estimates on how much they would pay (in case there’s an additional fee), what requirements future residents need, such as licensing, breed restrictions or leash laws, and any other resources that pet owners can find helpful.

15. Share Guidance On Succeeding At The Application Process

Filling out the application form can feel like a very straightforward process. Still, little details often need to be further explained to apartment seekers. Sharing how the application process works, advising about the different types of fees, which ones are refundable or not, and what cases apply will inform and prepare your community.

16. Best Questions To Ask When Apartment Hunting

Part of apartment hunting 101 is being ready to act fast when you fall in love with an apartment. By using your expertise, you can prepare apartment searchers with the best questions to ask upfront or before touring an apartment. This advice will make them feel more confident during the application process and can help remove hesitations when deciding about renting a unit.

17. Share Some Renter Hacks

Taking good care of an apartment is a win-win for renters and property managers. You can share tips and hacks for your renters on how to decorate it, while still taking care of the apartment effortlessly. This TikTok about Amazon Renter Hacks is the perfect example.

You can also create TikTok sharing tips on how to decorate your apartment on a budget or simply showing where to find the best deals in your neighborhood. These two creators do an excellent job showcasing decoration findings on Target and The Dollar Tree.

18. What Happens If You Break Your Lease?

Breaking a lease is probably the least favorite topic between tenants and renters. And precisely because of that, addressing the elephant in the room is essential. You can create a video talking about this topic with full transparency. Consider that tenants or future tenants will be more informed about the consequences of breaking a lease before it’s due and thinking twice before trying to do it.

@ksmithcredit It’s important to know the side effects of breaking a lease before doing it. #credit #apartment #rent #realestate ♬ original sound - Kenneth Smith Jr

19. Give Tips For Resigning Your Lease

One thing property managers love to hear is that a resident wants to resign their lease! But sometimes that conversation can get awkward when there are rent increases, or changes to the community lease form. 

Prepare renters for what they should expect when they inquire about resigning a lease (and when is the best time to do so). This will help both TikTok users and your residents when it’s time to resign.

20. TikTok marketing trends

Last but not least… Follow TikTok trends. This platform is all about trends; and many are easy to replicate because you can use the same sound and the same editing format. The trick is to understand the trend and make your video with your own twist. Don’t worry if you are new to TikTok; the more you use the app, the more you’ll get familiar with this.

Making trends is not necessary for a content strategy, but it’s definitely fun and creative (plus, you have more chances of going viral since trends push your videos to more viewers). 

For example, take this trend: Laptop Presentation. This trend takes a new spin on giving a “presentation” that is usually associated with work and makes it fun. This trend can easily be applied to apartment communities – simply show off professional photos from around your community or of available units!

TikTok marketing can be daunting—but don't overthink it

Hopefully you find lots of inspiration to start marketing your apartments on TikTok and reach new audiences to skyrocket your presence on this platform. 

One final word of advice: Don’t overthink it – just post it. Don’t dwell on becoming a TikTok video editing guru. Remember that practice makes the master; all you have to do is start. 

If you need help organizing your posts, or simply don’t have the time to post to TikTok every day, check out our new Social Management dashboard, which supports TikTok scheduling and can help organize all of your social content in one dashboard. 

Happy TikToking!


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