What’s New In May: QR Codes, Signup, & Direct Tour Links


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Developments in the last few weeks have upgraded the ability of Respage customers to create sophisticated (and customized) apartment marketing and resident retention strategies. For instance…

QR Codes Are Now Available for Resident Surveys & Review Booster

Previously, customers with Surveys or Review Booster had the option to get direct links and put them in emails and text messages. Now they can do more.

Both Surveys and Review Booster now feature a QR code option. That means more flexibility in where you put them. Throw them on a sticker in the lobby. Put them in the hallway or on the gym wall. Plaster it on printed material and stick them on the door. Get creative!

Putting your Surveys & Review Booster links in more places means happier residents and more positive reviews.

Resident Amenity Scheduler Is Now Signup

Back in 2020, when COVID was starting to shut down the country, many of our customers struggled to allow residents to use their apartment amenities while following social distancing guidelines. So we built Resident Amenity Scheduler, a little tool that made it easy to reserve and manage amenities – while keeping everyone safe.

Resident Amenity Scheduler is now Signup, the easiest way to schedule and manage both amenities and events at your community.  Today, you can use it to manage a soccer tournament or community BBQ just as easily as your gym. It can handle paid events and amenities, deal with RSVPs, cancellations, notifications, reminders, waitlists, and more. Including the app, there are now five different ways for residents to make reservations.

And, of course, it remains the easiest way to schedule amenities for apartment communities – for both residents and on-site staff.

Signup is a simple name to match its simplicity of use. It’s an excellent tool to boost staff efficiency, increase resident retention, and just make life easier for all involved.

Expect to see this name change rolled out onto our website and apps over the coming weeks!

Book Tours With A Link (ResMate)

Now any prospect can schedule a tour with your property via a link. They click it, they choose the date and time, and you have an appointment set.

That link can be put anywhere – on websites, email signatures, or social media – including your Google Business Profile. This is also invaluable to marketing campaigns encouraging prospects to tour. Throw the link into buttons or advertisements like adding a button on your Google Business Profile to book a tour!

Of course, this is all hooked up to ResMate and its powerful AI-driven lead nurturing. So anyone who schedules a tour will get confirmation emails, tour reminders, and post-tour follow up.

Opt Prospects into SMS Marketing (ResMate)

It isn’t easy to market your apartment to prospects without an email address. But if you can wrangle it, SMS messaging is highly effective. As with any kind of outbound marketing, you’ll get the best results from prospects who agree to be contacted. Now it’s easy to mark those who do.

Users can manually opt in prospects for SMS marketing. Just tick the “Opt In” link under the Phone Number field for any prospect. Once a prospect is opted in, they will begin receiving SMS messaging. Note that leads you create manually do not need to be opted-in.

More New Features & Updates

  • UTM parameters now available for ResMate prospects
  • “Breadcrumb” Navigation Implemented In Respage UI
  • Office 365 Calendar Now Integrates With ResMate


We are always available to walk you through our newest features and show you how they can make your job easier. Just reach out to us at support@respage.com. Thank you for your support!


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