Optimize your Google My Business Listing with These Steps


Claim and Verify

Claiming and verifying your apartment community’s Google My Business (GMB) listing is an important step in any apartment SEO strategy. Doing so can play a major role in ensuring that your community ranks well in organic Google searches and appears on Google Maps.

List Under the Correct Category

Another crucial step is making sure your community is listed under the correct category. If it’s listed as an apartment building, apartment complex or apartment community, a vital piece of information will be missing: Your hours of operation.

Respage just discovered that in order for your hours to be visible, it must be categorized as an apartment rental agency.

Why is this important?

Prospective renters who reach out to your community over the phone want to ensure that their call will be answered and they’ll be assisted in a timely manner. If not, it could result in negative apartment online reviews, and your community could miss out on prospects who want to sign a lease with you.

Check GMB Dashboard Regularly

Not only should you make sure your hours are listed, it’s also a good practice to log in to your GMB dashboard regularly to check that no unwanted changes have been made to your listing.

Many businesses don’t realize that anyone can make changes to any business listing using GMB’s “suggest an edit” feature.

A competitor or disgruntled former resident can mark your apartment community as closed, for example, or change the name and other important details. These edits can actually be made live on your listing, despite being called suggested edits, without you even being notified.

Changing the category of your apartment community to an apartment rental agency as well as looking over your listing in general should only take a few minutes, and it could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

If you need assistance with your GMB listing, Respage can help!


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