5 More(!) Reasons to Use Google Ads for Apartment Marketing


Two weeks ago, we published an article covering the advantages of SEM for apartment marketers. In the course of writing this piece, we realized the benefits of Google Ads were too numerous to cram into one single post.

With that in mind, we decided to write a follow-up article to cover some of the things we didn’t include the first time around. Read on to learn five (more!) reasons you should be using Google Ads for apartment marketing.

Reason #1 – Ad Extensions

Google Ad Extensions allow you to quickly share important information about your community directly within the Search Engine Results Pages. This saves your prospects a few clicks and improves their overall user journeys.

Call extensions, for example, allow search users to find and call your phone number directly from Google almost instantly, eliminating the need to visit your website to look for contact info.

It doesn’t stop at phone numbers, though. Ad extensions can be used to share your location, important sitelinks, and even deals and promotions you’re currently running. It may seem trivial, but sharing this information upfront works wonders for ad engagement and helps drive important conversions.


Reason #2 – Measurable Results

Speaking of conversions, let’s talk about our favorite aspect of Google Ads: measurable results!

One of the biggest advantages digital channels have over traditional media is the ability to track, measure, and analyze your marketing efforts. That said, many digital channels still have their flaws. It’s hard to assign value to Facebook likes, for example, or determine how a certain blog post helped another page on your website rank higher through SEO.

Google Ads are a different story. You know when they receive an impression. You know when they’re clicked. You know how much you’re paying for clicks. With that info alone, it’s fairly easy to determine your ROI on each ad campaign. That’s the kind of definitive data every marketer loves.


Reason #3 – Changing Google Search Engine Results Pages

If promises of improved user experience and measurable results haven’t convinced you to adopt Google Ads, this next fact will…

Google Ads are taking over the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)!!!

If you were to compare the Google of five years ago with the Google of today, you’d notice quite a few changes. Most notable, however, is that organic results (the type of listings that websites earn, rather than pay for) are moving further and further down the page.

And in their place? Google Ads.

This is a pretty big deal. We already know that Google users don’t scroll too far down the SERPs when looking for information. So the further that organic listings get pushed down the page, the less likely it becomes that users will see (and ultimately interact with) those listings. In other words, Google is becoming more and more “pay to play.”

Reason #4 – Your Competitors Are Using Google

The aforementioned “pay to play” structure may be enough to make you want to give up on Google altogether, but that would be a terrible idea because – like it or not – your prospects use Google. And so do your competitors.

By not using Google Ads in your apartment marketing strategy, you’re essentially yielding valuable ad real estate and giving a massive advantage to your competition.

Reason #5 – Google Ads Are Easy!

You read that right. Google ads are easy. Well, easier than most other forms of online marketing at least.

When compared to SEO, for example, Google Ads are a breeze to learn and maintain. Plus, you know they’re going to work as intended every time. You definitely can’t say that about SEO!

Need Help?

No matter how easy they are to use, not everyone has the time to learn or maintain Google Ads. That’s why we offer a Google Ads service for apartment marketing that makes Google Ads easier than ever. 

If you’re interested in simplifying your paid search marketing, contact us today to learn more!


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