5 Advantages of Search Engine Marketing for Apartments


Nobody questions the value of online marketing nowadays. But with new platforms and apps popping up almost every other day, it can be tough staying on top of it all. And honestly, there’s little need to do so.

The truth of the matter is that most of the flashy new options out there today will be gone tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can be sure the classics are here to stay.

With that in mind, we wanted to take some time to share five key advantages of apartment search engine marketing with Google Ads.

Advantage #1: Market Research and Analysis

Building campaigns and creative materials without any data, rhyme, or reason is simply a bad idea. That’s why market research is a fundamental part of every great apartment marketing strategy. And when it comes to online market research tools, Google Ads is a juggernaut.

Through the Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool, search engine marketers can access a wealth of data related to user search behavior. This data can help you identify not only what terms or phrases people use to search for apartments, but also how frequently these searches occur, where they occur, and what devices they occur on.

The best part? The Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool costs absolutely nothing. It’s available for anyone to use completely free of charge.

Advantage #2: Cost Savings

While the Google Ads Keyword Planner is free, actual Google Ads are not. That said, they are incredibly cost effective. Few people will argue that Google Ads don’t provide the highest consistent Return On Investment out of pretty much every paid media channel available in 2019.

Why is everyone in agreement on the matter?

Because with Google Search Ads, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. That makes them different than billboards, radio spots, and TV commercials. And as a matter of fact, it even makes them different than other online channels…

Advantage #3: They’re Based on Intent!

Most forms of online marketing use your browser data or social data to determine your demographic profile. And once they have that profile, they recommend products to you based on that profile. However, Google Search Ads do not fit this mold.

Search Ads are unique in that they are intent-based. In other words, your ads are only displayed to people who are literally looking for your product or an extremely similar product. These people are clearly interested in renting an apartment. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be searching for one.

Advantage #4: Instant Results

The only other form of intent-based online marketing is Search Engine Optimization, a strategy that helps your website rank in Google’s organic (un-sponsored) results. And while apartment SEO is amazing (it really is!), it can take years for you to see an impact from your efforts.

Google Ads, on the other hand, can have your website placed on the top of Google’s results within 24 hours if you know how to create a winning apartment PPC campaign.

Advantage #5: Remarketing Potential

Google Search Ads are fantastic on their own. But when you consider they’re a gateway to other amazing ways to reach your prospects, they become even more appealing.

For example, you can pair your Google Search Ad campaigns with Remarketing campaigns that give you access to the Google Display Network. When you do, users who click on your Google Ad in search, visit your site, and then leave your site can then be retargeted with your display ads on other (completely unrelated) websites across the Internet.

These Remarketing ads are actually highly successful in tracking and closing qualified leads, and are a perfect compliment to the intent-based search ads that come before them. And when the two are combined, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Five incredible benefits of apartment SEM.

Find out how to start your own Google ads campaign.

Learn more about Google Ads services for multifamily through the apartment PPC articles on our blog.


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