Why Remarketing Your Amenities-Based Ad Is the Way to Get New Renters


You likely already know that marketing your apartment community’s amenities is a great way to get new renters. Some people are looking for pet-friendly facilities and won’t settle for anything else, while others count self-storage facilities as a must-have in their apartment search. But your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there. You should also be remarketing these unique amenities — especially to those interested parties. Here’s a bit of important information about remarketing, how you can implement it into your current marketing campaign, and why it’s important for your bottom line.

What does “remarketing” mean?  

Remarketing refers to positioning an ad for your community to a person who has viewed your website in the past. This means that even if they’re viewing numerous apartment buildings’ sites in order to compare the ones that offer the amenities that they value most, they’ll continue to see ads for your community even after they leave your site. Studies show that this greatly improves the likelihood that past visitors will return to your site, often upping your chance of generating a sale.

How can you remarket based on amenities?

You can make the most of your advertising campaign by marketing your community to the people whose interest you’ve already piqued. This means generating leads from the people who have already found your community in their search for a certain amenity and remarketing to those same people — as opposed to simply purchasing ads on popular sites and hoping to catch a few interested renters’ eyes.

How does remarketing help you stay on budget?

While advertising across multiple platforms can be costly (and confusing), digital marketing is better for your budget because it allows you to target users’ behavior to find those people who are looking for what you offer. Once you find people who have found your community by searching for specific terms (such as apartments that allow pets, apartments with parking lots or apartments near certain landmarks), you can ensure that they notice your community by remarketing your ads to them even after they navigate away from your website.

Want to try apartment remarketing ads without learning the nitty-gritty?

Although remarketing ads work wonders for your apartment marketing strategy, understanding their inner-workings takes a lot of time. And if you’re like most multifamily professionals, time is a tough commodity to come by. Fortunately, Respage offers remarketing ads as part of our apartment PPC services. This fully managed option ensures you get all the benefits of remarketing ads without worrying about adding yet another task to your already busy workload.


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