Facebook Is Placing Major Bets On Chatbot Technology And Multifamily Should Pay Close Attention!


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Facebook recently extended its “Click to Messenger” button to Instagram, further signaling the social network’s push towards a universal use of its Messenger app.

The move coincides with an industry trend that shows social users increasingly prefer personalized experiences over standard, static pages, and suggests that Facebook foresees a future where online experiences heavily rely on chatbot technology.

But before we get into why that is and how multifamily social media marketers can use it to their advantage, let’s rewind a bit…

What are “Click to Messenger” Ads?

Making their first appearance on Facebook last November, “Click to Messenger” ads are paid social ads that display a “Click to Messenger” CTA button rather than your common “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” etc. CTA buttons.

Upon selecting “Click to Messenger” buttons, users are directed to a Messenger chat with the respective advertiser’s page.

Why Chatbots?

Theoretically, the branded page end of this Messenger conversation can be handled by a representative of the company. But more often than not, it’s handled by chatbots in order to prevent the slow response times often caused by staffing constraints.

Similar to human representatives, chatbots begin their Messenger interactions by prompting users to answer a series of questions. These questions are designed to help users find the information they need as quickly as possible, essentially guiding users through their interaction with the brand.

It should come as no surprise that chatbot responses almost always contain information that is available elsewhere on the web – typically on the respective brand’s site. But in an age that demands the easiest, most personalized experience possible, users love a bot that handles site navigation on their behalf. In fact, 71 percent of Millennials are inclined to use chatbot technology.

How Can Multifamily Use Chatbots to Help Renters?

Chatbot technology and other AI-driven solutions have built quite a buzz in the multifamily industry over the past several months.

AI presentations stole the show at AIM in May. UNITS and Multifamily Insiders published articles pushing for apartment communities to embrace chatbot technology weeks later. And on June 5, Respage publicly released the first chatbot exclusively designed for multifamily.

Why is the industry showing chatbot technology such love?

It’s quite simple: Chatbots improve user experience and help ease staffing constraints.

Imagine a scenario where a prospective renter is very interested in your property. This prospect wants to know more information about studios, but is having a hard time locating that information on your website. He’s tried calling your property to find more info, but can’t get ahold of leasing agent.

Under these circumstances, this otherwise qualified lead may exit your site and start looking elsewhere. But with a chatbot present to answer his/her questions, the prospect can suddenly find studio pricing info, floorplans, etc. and even schedule a walk-through.


If the world’s largest social media site is positioning itself to take advantage of chatbot technology, it’s a fairly safe bet chatbots are on the rise. And for those multifamily players that embrace the tech early on, the payoffs could be substantial.

If you’re interested in learning more about multifamily chatbots, or seeing one in action, check out our sandbox to interact with the Respage chatbot right now.


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