4 New Time-Saving Updates Now Available on Respage!


Content Discovery Engine Screenshot

Content Discovery Engine Screenshot

It’s good to be a Respage user this March.

Last week, we released four new updates that will help Respage users build better social media profiles and save a ton of time.

Here’s a quick look at these updates:

Video Integration – Social posts that contain videos have higher engagement rates than posts that contain text or images alone. And because posts with higher engagement rates receive more likes and shares, we decided to add video integration to The Respage Dashboard. This feature will allow users to quickly post videos to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. As a bonus, the same upgrade also allows for bulk image posting.

Easy Hashtags and Mentions – Hashtags and Mentions allow you to broadcast your messages to people who may not have been exposed to them otherwise, and the introduction of easy hashtags and mentions to the Respage Dashboard is great news for apartment marketers who want to increase the online visibility of their communities. For the best results, we recommend utilizing local hashtags for trending or upcoming events in and around your neighborhood.

Universal Post Queue – Creating a post queue saves you from the tedious and concentration-breaking task of posting multiple times throughout the day. While previous versions of our dashboard allowed users to create automated posting schedules, the feature only worked for posts that were sourced from our Content Discovery Engine. The upgraded dashboard will make the same feature universally available, no matter where you found the content.

Clear Post Status – Having the ability to quickly look at what posts have been published, as well as what posts are scheduled for the future, helps to prevent you from posting the same content back to back. We’ve upgraded our interface to give you a clear view of posting status so that you can avoid posting the same content twice in a short period of time.

For help accessing or implementing these new features, feel free to reach out to your Respage representative.


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