Respage Now Features Renter’s Voice Ratings


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Psst. The supermodel at Table Six thinks you look great tonight.

… but quickly, before she comes over: get the spinach out of your teeth.

Finished? Good.

For better or worse, it helps to know what people are saying about you. That’s why Respage’s reputation management tool features major apartment rating and review sites:, Yelp, Google+, CitySearch, and now Renter’s Voice.

Respage organizes all your social media ratings, comments, and mentions on one screen, so when a resident praises you on Renter’s Voice, you can thank them — and if they say the sink leaks, you can quickly resolve the problem.

Respage’s Renter’s Voice integration is another direct line to the buzz about your community. And that’s important, because quick responses make for long-term success.


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