Facebook’s New Insights Tool Provides Stronger Analytics

by Nov 7, 2013

Have you seen Facebook’s new Insights tool?

The upgraded analytics feature finally rolled out to all users in October. It’s a clear snapshot of the current week’s page activity compared to the previous week’s sample, including total likes, new likes, total page reach, and a breakdown of engaged users. You can also see the total number of likes for your posts, along with comments, shares, and clicks.

If you use promoted posts, Insights will illustrate how the promotion affected your reach, breaking it down into “paid reach” and users reached organically. This can be useful in determining ROI when trying to increase brand exposure. There’s still no way to determine how much of your audience turned into residents, however.

Another big help for clients using paid features: you can see where your likes come from, including Mobile, On Your Page, Page Suggestions, Ads or Sponsored Stories, or Other.

Have any questions about Facebook Insights? Learned anything helpful from the new tools? Let us know.