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Pinterest is still a relative newcomer to the social media big leagues, and many businesses aren’t sure how to use the image-sharing service effectively. Here’s a quick guide to Pinterest marketing.

Create compelling content.
Make your pins a creative and comprehensive introduction to your business. It could be an overview of your products, offices or employees; blog posts, charts, videos … whatever combination suits you best. Just mix them up, and post only the most compelling images.

Show products in action.
Selling a shirt? Show how well it fits.

Use smart keywords.
Make it easy for users and search engines to find you. If you’re a travel agent pinning Big Ben, tag it with Big Ben, London, England, Great Britain, British, clock, and Parliament. This doesn’t just apply to text on the site–it starts with the file name.

Skip the hard sell.
Pinterest isn’t a shopping center or a Facebook-style share-fest; it’s more of a scrapbook or bulletin board, so skip the hard sell and concentrate on compelling images.

Choose wisely and link smart.
Faces change and products get sold, so make your board a mixture of seasonal and ‘timeless’ content. Consider keeping old product links live; make them re-direct to a landing page or give users a discount if they click on out-of-stock merchandise.

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