Facebook Check-In Deals Are Going Away


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On July 1, 2013, Facebook Check-In Deals will be removed completely. The transition began on June 1 when Facebook began replacing Deals with Offers, but, starting in July, Facebook Deals will be gone forever.

Facebook Check-In Deals were a free way for apartment communities and businesses to advertise deals when customers, residents, or potential renters visited their community or storefront, most likely for the first time. Now, Deals are going away, and Offers will only be available for Facebook Pages with 100 “likes” or more. Also, all Offers must follow Facebook’s page terms.

To create a Facebook Offer, click on “Offer” above the status update box on your Page, and fill out all the required information. Also, keep in mind that Offers are not free, unlike Deals, and the amount you pay is based on the number of fans you have on your Facebook Page.

For more information about how to create a Facebook Offer, click here.


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